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Beer Q & A

Q1. Which type of beer is the best to drink? Does the price mean quality?

A1 I think there is no the best but only your palate or even the mood of the moment you are drinking it. Whenever being asked by friends the best to drink, I will suggest them to try as many types as they could to figure out the preference, from which they could find their favorite.


Q2. What are the keys to taste craft beer?

A2: Let’s make it simple. First observe the color and the foam of the beer; then take a sniff, try to appreciate the aroma; and then take a sip to distinguish the flavor and texture; finally pay attention to the aftertaste.


Q3. Does Tap Beer equal to draft beer?

A3: Draft beer usually refers to those which experienced no heat treatment (e.g. Pasteur sterilization). Since these beer contains living yeast that may continue fermentation process, so it takes much care to handle and store. Many commercial beers sell their product in “tap beer” form. They have usually been treated by heat so they are not literally called draft beers.


Q4. Would beer increase Dietary Fiber?

A4: According to studies, The fibers in one pint of beer equals 10% to 30% of daily requirement. However beer contains alcohol please make sure you are not overdose.


Q5. What is beer hops actually?

A5: Hops is one of the crucial raw materials for brewing beer. It can be simply divided into three categories: Bitter, Aroma, and Dual Purpose. The main producing areas are New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic, the United States. There are hops planted in the northeastern Japan which satisfy domestic demand. In mainland China planting of hops is growing.

Q1:哪種啤酒最好喝? 越貴是否代表越好?






Q3:「桶裝啤酒」(Tap Beer)是否代表生啤酒?







A5:啤酒花是釀制啤酒的重要原料之一。簡單的可以將大部分的啤酒花分成三類:苦味型(Bitter),香味型(Aroma),和兼具型(Dual Purpose)。現今啤酒花的主要產區有紐西蘭、英國、德國、捷克、美國。亞洲的話,日本的東北有一些主要供應國內需求,大陸也在慢慢開始試驗性的種植。