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Time flies swiftly, Cantopop group C AllStar has already formed since 2009, which has consisted of Andy Leung, On Chan, King Wu and Jase Ho. The group members have shared lots of high and low moments, have gained numerous “most popular group gold award” and have sung a number of popular songs that resonate with most of the HK audience. Recently, a countdown timer has started at a press conference, which told the group members would begin an indefinite hiatus and would be concentrating on their solo careers in regards to their foreseeable future. How do the 4 friends/groupmates regard their prolonged friendship and the near-the end collaboration?



At the beginning of the music career C AllStar acted as street performers at Mong Kok pedestrian zone, and continued with a series of recording, meetings, publicizing, performance to public and award winnings. After a long-term cooperation, the 4 comrades had built a great understanding among each others, they laughed and made fun together the conversation, Just like best buddies! The trust, tacit understanding and friendship they built was started at busking in Mong Kok “The beginning 14 weeks busking forced us to discuss all the time, as purposed to attract pedestrians to stay and admire our performance. Through the discussion and conversation we knew each other (stated by On).”Throughout the understanding from cooperation, the 4 kidults have also gradually established an in-depth friendship through recreation, Andy claimed continuously “We found out we have shared common interests, which are video games, basketball and card game—a deeper understanding of everyone’s personality.”


During leisure time the group members can play together, but sometimes pressures and intense conditions may occur during their work. They have one member loves to make fun to alleviate the atmosphere “The English pronunciation of King is very funny and weird, as well as his use of words. (stated by On)” “Without King’s word, we do not know how to relieve our pressure, and comes to a boring atmosphere and working condition will be quite tense. (Stated by Andy)” “Actually most of the joyous moments are created by King. (agreed by Jase)” Afterward King demonstrated with a few examples, and the atmosphere was filled with joy. King is a deadpan humour besides a talented composer.



The C AllStar farewell concert will be held in few months later (20-21 October at Hong Kong Coliseum), and they get ready for the preparation works. King said they will definitely sing their signature song “Ladder to Heaven”, Andy also mentioned each concert’s rundown can be different, so he welcomes C All fans can share their preference of song choices on Facebook. Jase indicates the rundown has not been decided yet, but he does have a choice “There is one song I feel very touching, it is always performed in our large-scaled concerts, the audiences would ask for encore and sang along with us. It is called “Our Woodstock”, and I hope we will sing again at the concert, in order to createsan unforgettable memory.”


The band will split after the farewell concert, but it does not mean it is the end of their collaboration and friendship. Each member might createsa song for the others’ solo career “I can mix electronic elements to the Cantonese song’s arrangement, we seldom listen this style before. My fellows also like to try new stuffs, it is a good idea for them to sing a new style. Actually, I add this electronic concept for our new song “The Evolution of soul” (replied by King) ” “I have composed before, and I am very familiar with their thoughts, so my work can be their tailor-made songs. (On)”

Andy said C AllStar will reform in the future, but they will still play basketball in order to keep in touch. Now their important task is to cherish their farewell concert in October, which is a halfway station of the music road walked with the comrades, the collaborated musician and all fans. The concert will recall and share the achievement of their music road together.

Although the characteristic of C AllStars members are different, their common interests allow them to build a deep friendship. Their palate on spirits are not similar, they still chat together at bar. Unexpectedly, these 4 kidults want to createsa cocktail belongs to C AllStar: On favours on mint and sweet flavours; Jase prefers a creamy palate;King recommends to mix with whisky;The playful Andy jokes that sea salt can be added as well. However, all of them agrees the base ingredient must be a unique spirit to createsan unforgettable taste. Why don’t we suggest some special spirits that suitable for straight- drink or cocktail mixing.

時日如飛,C AllStar 4子釗峰、On仔、King和Jase自從09年組隊後便一直合作,當中一起經歷和分擔不少苦與甘,更一起榮獲多次組合金獎及演唱多首引起共鳴的熱門歌曲。早前他們在記者會啓動單飛倒數器,宣佈完成告別演唱會後便正式分開發展。4位伙伴朋友對於過去的相處和接近臨別的合作,有甚麼感受?



從初出道時一起在旺角行人專用區作街頭表演,然後不斷錄音、開會、宣傳、公開演唱和奪獎,4位戰友的相處了這麼久,對彼此都十分了解,從閒談是都會你一句我一句互相嘲笑,十分老友鬼鬼!一開始怎樣建立信任、默契和友誼,都是由Busking開始,「一開始14星期的街頭表演,我們要經常討論想怎樣吸引途人留下欣賞我們表演,所以透過大家的對話而互相認識。(On仔)」當透過合作而認識,4仔大男孩便透過玩耍來慢慢建立深厚友誼,釗峰續說:「大家相識不久就發覺有共同喜好,就是打遊戲機、打籃球,和card game,有時約出來玩,這樣反而更加清楚認識大家性格。」


平時休閒時可以一起玩耍,但工作時難免會遇上壓力和緊張情況,不過他們幸好有成員願意搞笑舒緩氣氛:「阿King講英文發音好好笑,除此之外,他有時說話的字眼用法很怪。 (On仔)」「aKing的說話真係唔知點減壓,會較沉悶和工作沒有那麼輕鬆(釗峰)。」Jase對此也十分認同:「基本上 C AllStar咁多年的歡樂時刻都是由King 帶起的。」然後King 就即場說了幾句,全場頓時一片歡樂,沒想到他除了懂得編曲,還是一名冷面笑匠。


還有數月就會舉行C AllStar告別演唱會,他們現在也開始忙於準備,King說首隻金曲《天梯》是必唱之選,釗峰還指出每次演唱會的rundown也可以不同,所以歡迎樂迷向他們在Facebook分享歌曲意見。Jase指出Rundown還沒有那麼快決定,但心中有一首選擇:「以往我們的大型演唱會,有首我很感動,因為現場樂迷必定會要求encore,他們也會跟我們大合唱,這首歌叫《我們的胡士托》。希望到時可以在唱一次,為大家締造難忘回憶。」





C AllStars 4位成員雖然性格不同,但興趣相同可以讓大家建立深厚友情。同樣地,他們對酒的口味不同,但也會在酒吧相聚促膝長談。不過這幾位大細路竟然想出要弄一隻屬於自己組合的Cocktail:On仔喜歡薄荷或甜的味道;Jase喜歡帶cream的味道,但King 提議加Whisky;鬼馬的釗峰笑說要加海鹽,但大家都認為要放一種特別的酒做base才可以令人回味。與其這樣不如介紹以下數款特式酒類,不論淨飲還是弄做cocktail也適合。

LUACO Coffee Cream Liqueur


The world’s first liqueur is produced from rare and precious Kopi Luwak coffee beans, with the elite traditional Eastern European distillation skills. Kopi Luwak collected only from wild civets that roam free in the Philippines archipelago. A lively coffee liqueur creates you an unforgettably aromatic flavour and exotic feeling.



Dictador 12 years Solera System Rum


Rich, complex and profound! This Colombian refinement is distilled from light molasses and matured for twelve years in the solera system, enriching an attractive and sweet summer vibe for your taste. 


Johnnie Walker Double Black Edition

An intense, smoky blend containing whisky matured in deep charred old oak casks, which has a rich smoky flavour.