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Craft Beer Q&A

I want a glass of ‘malty’ beer! 

‘Malt’ brought out an array of flavors. For example, light-colored malt gives malt grains, biscuits characters; wheat beer gives bread, dough flavors; dark-colored malt lends characters like cheese, caramel, honey; deep-roasted malt gives notes of coffee, chocolate, bake, etc. All of these diverse characters make beer more interesting and charming.

Q1. Do all stouts taste bitter? 

The bitterness of beer come mainly from hops. Although deep-roasted malt will bring a little bitter touch as well, professional brewers will make efforts in the sweet balance. The complexity of deep roasted malt flavors is what makes a great stout stands out from others. 

Q2. Why did bartenders rinse the glass before pouring it? 

 This is the right thing to do. Rinsing the glass removes any dust and residual cleaning agent attached, so that the beer foam will be more sustainable. 

Q3. Do all the beer look clear in appearance? 

It depends on the beer style. Most of the Lager are clear. Beer without filtration of yeast, wheat beer, and IPAs that emphasize on aromas of hops, may look turbid. 

Q4.  My beer is not cold enough, should I add ice to it? 

Beer is brewed with precise designation. Melting ice dilutes the flavors that supposed you could enjoy neat. Therefore it is not recommended to add ice when serving. 



Q1. 黑啤酒全都比較苦嗎? 

啤酒的苦韻主要由啤酒花而來, 雖然極深烘焙麥芽會帶出輕輕的苦韻,但專業釀酒師會增加甜美平衡,複雜的深焙麥芽味道才是黑啤酒的過人之處。

Q2. 為什麼 bartender 在倒酒之前,再為我沖洗杯子? 



Q3. 啤酒的酒色全都都是清澈的嗎? 

視乎啤酒款式,大多的 Lager 啤酒,酒色都是清澈的。不過濾酵母、小麥啤酒、或是強調酒花香氣的美式 IPA,酒色混濁都是正常的狀況。

Q4. 啤酒未夠冷,可以加冰塊喝嗎? 

啤酒的釀造,都是經過釀酒師用心的釀造調配, 冰塊融化的水份,會減淡、稀釋釀酒師所造出的味道,因此絕不建議加冰塊飲用。