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Ginger, dried tangerine peel and straw grass are collectively known as the three treasures of Guangdong. Ginger, which is available in many countries, belongs to Zingiberaceae family. They are harvested in autumn and winter, and are ready-for-use after the roots being removed and then sliced. 

From the perspective of Chinese medicine ginger has a variety of healing effect: 

“Jiang Yue old and more spicy” - water evaporation, less water, so the ginger is more rich spicy degree so increased, so the more spicy spicy flavor, the stronger the ability to drive, and warm the body, the digestion and Circulation system has a regulatory role, can promote, metabolism and other effects. 

Old ginger is drier and therefore more concentrated in flavors and degree of spiciness. The spicier the ginger, the better it could expel pathogenic wind. It warms our body, regulates the digestive and circulatory system and promotes metabolism. 

In addition to a variety of effects ginger can also dispel cold and remove stinky smell. Chefs and bartenders are familiar with the spiciness and aromatic characters to make wines and delicacies. For instance, the Eastern Africa add ginger powder into their roasted lamb dishes to enhance the flavor; while turmeric, a kind of ginger, are the main seasoning in making Indian curry; in Europe, they like to use ginger to produce ginger candy. 

In the 19th century, the British will add ginger powder into the alcoholic drinks as a seasoning. Later, they even create ginger-flavors drink. In northern China, Chinese will put the ginger in the spirit to raise the spiciness. The ginger spirit has an effect of dispelling wind pathogens and warming spleen and stomach. This is one of the origins of homemade ginger medicinal liquor. 

This time let me share one simple cocktail recipe which includes ginger liquor. I used this homemade ginger liquor to make a twist on a classic cocktail, and this become one of the most popular cocktail in Sohofama. 

“Moscow Mule” - 2oz Vodka, 0.5 oz Lime juice, and finally add ginger Ale in a copper mug. 

The cocktail got its fame since 1946, while Jack Morgan (owner of Cock and Bull Restaurant) launched a brand of ginger soda. They are thinking about how to raise the business and John Martin (distributor of Smirnoff Vodka) suggested to add Smirnoff the soda and serve it in a copper mug with a little lime juice. This drink was so popular and was named “Moscow Mule” as the Russian-made Vodka gives a very strong finish like a mule. 

And I made the twist by macerating local ginger in Yuet Wo triple-distilled spirits for 2 months instead of Smirnoff. I named it the “Hong Kong Mule”. 

老薑,陳皮,禾稈草 合稱廣東三寶。老薑為薑科植物,各地各國均有出產,秋天, 冬天二季採挖, 除去薑嘅鬚根,切片生用。


薑越老越辣︰老薑水分較少,故薑味更濃郁,辛辣度因此增加。辛辣味越強 ,驅風能力越強,可用來和暖身體,對消化及循環系統具有調節作用,有促進新陳代謝等功效。

除了多種功效之外薑亦能驅寒闢腥。古今中外的廚師或調酒師, 都懂得利用薑的辛辣和芳香 ,因產地品種不同的薑而做出不同特質的酒和佳餚。如東非洲國家用薑磨成粉, 加入他們燜或烤的羊肉菜式中來增強風味;印度咖哩的主要佐料也是薑科裏的黃薑 ;在歐洲,他們則喜用薑造成薑糖 。

在英國酒吧歷史上19 世紀時,英國人會把薑粉放入酒中作調味,後來更製作了薑味汽水等薑的飲料。而在中國北方,中國人更會把薑放在酒中讓薑的辣味,與中國酒的辛辣融合在一起,令味道更加濃厚辛辣, 有祛風發汗、溫中散寒等作用,亦是早年其中一道家常的薑藥酒起源。

所以這次也分享其中一種簡單靠薑酒做的雞尾酒給大家 。我用這自家製的薑酒做了一個簡單的改良經典調酒,這款雞尾酒在Sohofama 也是其中一款最受歡迎的。


“Moscow Mule” - 2oz Vodka,0.5 oz Lime juice,最後加上Ginger Ale 用一個銅製馬克杯中盛載。 

這杯調酒成名於1946 年, 當時John Martin (Smirnoff Vodka 的經銷商) 及 Jack Morgan (Cock and Bull Restaurant 老闆) , 由於Cock and Bull 餐廳推出了他們品牌的薑汁汽水,各人正在想怎樣可以把他們的生意提高 結果他們想要將Smirnoff Vodka 加在Cock and Bull 的薑汁汽水上放入一個銅製嘅Mug 杯中,加入青檸汁調製而成。結果這種飲法大受歡迎, 而將這款雞尾酒命名為”Moscow Mule” 而因為俄羅斯製的Vodka 喝後有騾子的般後勁,因而命名。

而我以香港出產的薑,浸泡在香港出產的悅和三蒸酒中兩個月,代替俄羅斯的Vodka 我將其命名為“Hong Kong Mule”。

Ginger liquor  薑酒

Ingredients 材料 : 

220g  Local organic ginger 本地有機薑

750ml  Rice wine 米酒

75g  Brown sugar 黑糖

Macerate for at least two weeks 浸釀最少兩星期

Hong Kong Mulez  捱騾仔

Ingredients 材料 : 

 3 pcs Lime 青檸

3 pcs Ginger 

1 oz Ginger Liquor 薑酒

1 oz Southern Comfort 

A little Ginger beer 薑啤

Steps 做法 : 

Squeeze lime and ginger into the cup. Add ginger liquor and Southern Comfort. Stir well and then add crushed ice. Finally add ginger beer. 

把青檸及薑片於杯中壓搾至汁液及香味流出,加入薑酒及Southern Comfort 攪勻,加入大量碎冰, 最後加入薑啤。