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Everything starts from understanding 

 In recent years, the term “craft beer” has been appeared on TV, magazines, newspapers and radios, but have you ever wondered why the word “craft” is used to express this type of beer? 

The definition of craft beer brewers 

Craft Beer made its first appearance in the United States in the late 1970s, while there were a lot of microbreweries and home brewing. According to the Brewers Association, the definition of craft beer brewery can be concluded with three constraints: 1. Small in quantity: less than 6 million barrels per year, accounting for about 3% of American beer production. 2. Independent: The brewer should has more than 75% ownership of the brewery. 3. Traditional: Most of the breweries use traditional or innovative ingredients and fermentation regime to produce the beer. Flavored Malt Beverages are not categorized as beers. 

Craft is kind of attitude 

As the beer market become keener, people began to pursue craft beer. Many people see it as a business opportunity, but mistakenly think that craft beer is only a product with any kind of innovation. They catch up with the trend quickly but forget the meaning of the craft beer. It is important to understand the meaning of “craft beer” before you make a craft beer and develop healthily in the market. What truly define craft beer are “insist” and “quality”, which were ultimately attributed to the attitude. The craft beer brewers insist on using the best raw materials and maintaining the quality of the beer throughout the process or when they come across a new idea. Craft beer lovers will never compromise to quality and have no need to follow existing trend. They understand the characteristics of each kind of beer. They have a sense of mission, and this is ultimately what the craft beer market rely on. 


Craft beer to Beer lovers 

Beer fans always like to use the term “Craft Beer” to refer to a well-made beer. “Craft” encompassed the spirit of “craftsmanship”, which means dedication, focus, perfectionism, and the pursuit of excellence. Craft beer is not just label, but a spirit. 

Extensive thinking 

1. What defines a “good” beer? 

Strictly speaking a good beer must qualify in aroma, appearance and taste. i.e. there is no off-flavor of unpleasant aroma in the beer. 

2. There are a lot of buy-outs by the giant brands in the craft beer market and as a result the brewer itself own less than 75% of the brewery. Can we still call it a craft beer brewery? 

As long as they adhere to the “spirit of crafmanship” and maintain the high quality we will still see them as craft beers. 



近年來「精釀啤酒」一詞無論在電視、雜誌、報紙和收音機都常常看到或聽到, 但大家有沒有想想為何會用「精釀」二字來表逹“Craft”呢?! 


精釀啤酒(Craft Beer)出現於美國1970 年代尾, 當時不約而同出現了不少小型釀酒廠 (Microbrewery) 和家庭式釀酒廠 (Homebrewing)。跟據美國釀酒商協會 (Brewers Association) 對精釀啤酒商定義可分為三大類: 1. 量少 (Small in quantity): 年產量少於600 萬桶, 約佔美國啤酒年產量的3%。 2. 獨立 (Independent): 釀酒商擁有酒廠75% 以上的擁有權。 3. 傳統 (Traditional): 酒廠大部份使用傳統或創新的釀造原料和發酵過程來制作啤酒。 調味麥芽飲料 (Flavored Malt Beverages) 不可稱為啤酒。


隨著市場漸趨白熱化, 精釀啤酒讓人開始追捧。很多人視它為商機, 誤以為只要是大膽創新就稱之為佳釀。為了追上潮流, 遺忘了精釀本身的意思. 如果一心想讓精釀啤酒市場發揚光大, 我們必需要清楚了解「精釀」一詞本身的意義。精釀就是代表「堅持、品質」, 就是一種對待啤酒的態度。釀酒師堅持使用最好的原材料, 並在每次釀造或創作新款啤酒同時保持產品的高品質。啤酒愛好者, 就是不繼堅持對精釀啤酒要有要求, 不盲目跟從, 了解每款酒的特性。無論是釀酒師或是啤酒愛好者也要有一份使命感。精釀啤酒市場才能發揚光大。


啤酒迷總是喜歡使用精釀啤酒(Craft Beer) 去表達好的啤酒。”Craft” 包含了”Craftsmanship”的意思。Craftsmanship 就是「工藝精神」。工藝精神就是代表專注、專一、完美主義、精益求精的精神。精釀不只是文字, 而是一種精神。



1. 怎樣才算是有「品質」的啤酒? 


2. 現今有很多精釀啤酒廠紛紛給大品牌收購而釀酒商少於75% 擁有權, 我們還能說他們釀的是精釀啤酒嗎? 

只要他們仍然堅持「工藝精神」的心, 釀出高品質的產品, 我仍然會把它們視為精釀啤酒。