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Pizza and beer - The most natural pair 

Pizza 與啤酒的完美配搭

Pizza and beer, there’s hardly anything else on earth that’s a more natural pair, right? But any beer just can’t go with any pizza. For this seeming casual matching, how to get it just right? You gotta try Alvy’s Bar to look for the truth. 

Beer and bread, which makes the pizza’s crust, are both products of yeast, and in Alvy’s, they try to take this connection to another level. “The crust is made of sourdough bread, and the yeast comes from sour beer of the Young Master Brewery.


We took the yeast from the bottom of the Foedre tank. All dough will undergo slow fermentation – the 24 hours will make the dough more chewy and airy,” said Alvy’s boss Patrick Gatherer. He even imported the Pavesi stone oven from Italy and bake pizzas in its open kitchen. “A pizza is ready in 2.5 minutes from the oven! Thanks to the even heating in the oven.” 

So we have great pizzas. How about the beer? Young Master is the major partner with the restaurant, which permanently serves its pilsner, pale ale and rye ale. Another is one exclusively made for Alvy’s, thyme pale ale, which infuses with the much beloved herb commonly found around the Mediterranean. It goes naturally delicious with authentic Italian pizza. But why not the even more natural choice, basil? “We thought about basil beer, but it was a little bit too obvious! And we thought thyme has a nice herbaceous flavour to work with hops, it is a compliment to pizza. 

This restaurant is unmistakably an American bar, from its decoration to a rich portfolio or American beer beyond the local selection. It is the only spot outside New York to serve the prestigious NY craft beer Finback, Patrick was proud to introduce. Equally famous is Stone Brewing. New arrivals include Ghost Hammer and Mocha IPA. Freshness of beer comes first, so they won’t import in bulk, and will pick only the freshest batches to offer its customers. 

In addition to beer, it also has an exciting list of American whiskeys, with most of them from small distilleries. “During the Chinese New Year this year I spent six days in New York, tried 25 pizzerias and a lot of interesting beers and whiskeys to finalize my choices.” He reminded that those wanting a sip of everything should act fast because there is only one bottle or two for almost all of the selection. He even asked friends to bring him from abroad for some. They can drink n need. They can come near, or go into a high-alcohol, whiskey lead cocktail. Major Woody, it Patrick’s favorite, plus a rather naughty implication. Feel free to check out the story when you make the order. 

飲啤酒配pizza,很合理對不對?但對啤酒和pizza也有要求,在明明這個看似隨性的配搭裡,要找到最好?那你就一定要到Alvy’s Bar試試。

啤酒和麵包其實都是發酵產物,而Alvy’s就將這連繫提升至另一層次。「pizza的餅底用的是酸種發酵麵包,而那些酵母其實來自少爺啤酒廠的酸啤。我們在他們那個用來釀造傳統比利時酸啤的啤酒桶Foedre的桶底,撈出酵母,再用來發酵酸種餅底。而所有薄餅更會經歷24小時的緩慢發酵,令餅底更煙靱鬆軟。」Alvy’s的老闆Patrick Gatherer解釋說。他們更特地從意大利引入Pavesi石爐,在開放式廚房裡烤薄餅,「我們的薄餅可以在兩分半鐘內烤好!多得爐火均勻而熱度足夠。」

有美味的pizza,那啤酒部份又如何?餐廳主要合作伙伴是少爺啤,這裡固定供應三款包括Pilsner、Pale Ale和Rye Ale,另外有一款是少爺為Alvy’s獨家釀造的Thyme Pale Ale,即以香草百里香釀入啤酒。百里香是地中海一帶常見香草,配上源自意大利的Pizza,定必美味。但為甚麼不用更順理成章的羅勒?「其實我們真的試過羅勒,但那就真的太順理成章了!百里香淡淡的香草味與啤酒花很夾,這種味道配Pizza也很理想。」

這是一家由裝潢開始就不會認錯的美式酒吧,除了本地啤,另外最主要的供應就是美國啤了,例如這裡有紐約知名手工啤廠Finback,「在紐約以外,我們是獨家供應的。」Patrick不無自豪地說。還有另一個同樣有名的手工啤廠Stone Brewing,他們新近就引入了酒廠旗下的酒款Ghost hammer和Mocha IPA。對他來說,啤酒最重要新鮮,所以他一次不會大量入貨,也會挑選最新鮮釀好的啤酒才會購入並運到香港。

除了啤酒,這裡還有一個精彩的美國威士忌酒單,絕大部份都是小蒸餾廠的出品,「今年農曆年,我花了六天在紐約,一共試了25家Pizza餐廳,試了很多有趣的啤酒和威士忌,才挑選了這些。」Patrick笑這所有威士忌酒款都手快有手慢無,因為都只有一兩瓶,不少更是他托到當地旅遊的朋友帶回港的。這些威士忌除了可以單點,也調了一些以濃郁威士忌作主導的雞尾酒。其中Major woody不單是店家的最愛,背後更有一個頑皮的意思,當你點來喝的時候,不妨問問看。