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探索音樂才女的充實生活  江海迦 AGA

The participation of various joyful activities during hot summer helps to enrich yourself, relieve annoying heat and balance the busy life schedule. Famous female pop singer Agatha Kong (Aga) understands this principle deeply, she enjoys friends gathering events at free time while preparing her brand-new music album busily. Her dedication towards lifestyle also reflect in her attitude toward career.




When I watch TV or online video, Aga’s low and poised voice makes me believe she loves static activities. My answer is 50% correct, the young singer-songwriter is also an avid sport lover “For the scorching moment right now, I usually hangout with friends at beach and play water sports, especially Wakeboard — it gives an exciting and carefree sensation. I love running too, and it refreshes and energizes my whole body and mind. Besides, I love watching movies at home, or hanging out with friends during song composing moment, in order to create a work life balance.” Aga claims she loves both dynamic and static activities, as she can share joyfulness with friends “When everyone is participating on one activity (no matter sport game or travelling), it enriches our life experience and broaden our vision. The conversation from the participation process also inspires the others’ thinking. I like explore and learn new things too, they often inspire me to learn new knowledge and write songs. That is very meaningful!”



There are so many formats of friend’s activities, sometimes the friends will invite Aga to enjoy a chill moment quietly at a charismatic bar “The relaxed music played by the bar — Jazz and Bossa Nova are easy to create a pleasant atmosphere. Moreover, a sip of a classic cocktail plays a great combination with the music.” Normally, girls prefer sweet cocktails, but these are not the favourable types for this talented singer “I love cocktail with beautiful aroma, slightly strong and complex taste. It has a unique charisma that is not similar to the normal sweet cocktails. I always love Old Fashioned, it has a significantly balanced structure of bitterness and sweet. It is a wonderful drink.”




Having sport activities, hanging out and chat at a bar with friends are able to keep Aga relax, and enable her to devote music talent and time for the preparation of new album. Recently she has been very busy to collaborate with different music professionals, in order to apply more music techniques and styles, such as her last hit song《3AM》adds Rap and Japanese music style. For the latest song《Mercy of You》adapts with dark theme, is a newly bold attempt for Aga “ This song is about a person who still linger at the swirl of sorrow after breakup with ex-lover. Albert Leung (The renowned Hong Kong lyricist) writes the lyric with an extremely painful message. As I have never sung a dark story before,《Mercy of You》is very satisfied my desire of songwriting innovation.” Aga claims that the-soon-to-be-released songs will exude with new music style likes R&B and Jazz, which has cost her and other musician with lots of time to finish the composing, lyrics and music arrangement. The enthusiastic singer wishes people will love her new songs, in fact there are numerous young music lovers admire and discuss her song everytime when it launches to the media. Maybe her new songs will become her iconic songs. Let’s stay tuned to Agatha Kong’s work!








與朋友相處的活動形式有很多,Aga說有時朋友會約她在一間充滿情調的酒吧,靜靜渡過一個很chill的時刻:「酒吧播放的輕鬆音樂如Jazz、悠閒的Bossa Nova都好輕易製造一個寫意氣氛,再呷一杯經典cocktail就是很好的配合。」一般女士都偏向甜味cocktail,但卻不是這位音樂人鍾愛的口味:「我喜歡飲充滿香氣、帶點Strong和複雜的味道,讓我覺得它很有獨特個性,與一般甜美cocktail不同。而我一直都只喜歡飲Old Fashioned,它苦與甘的層次分明很有魅力。」





Bacardí Carta Oro


BACARDÍ Carta Oro is developed in toasted oak barrels, featuring sweet notes of rich vanilla, buttery caramel, toasted almond, sweet banana with the warm zest of orange peel. The rum finishes with an unforgettable mellow character. This rum forms the heart of the most passionate of them all – The Original Cuba Libre.


Bacardí Carta Oro在烘烤橡木桶陳釀後,充滿豐富雲呢嗱、牛油般幼滑的焦糖、烤杏仁、甜蕉等甜味和橙皮的熱情氣息。冧酒熟成後還擁有難忘的醇味,適合調製最熱情的The Original Cuba Libre。

Bacardí Carta Blanca


This delightful rum displays a distinctive vanilla and almond notes which are developed in white oak barrels, while the secret blend of charcoal brings smoothness to the flavour. The perfect balance of subtle and delicate flavours means it mixes with classic cocktails like the Mojito and modern favourites like the Knight Cup.

這款怡人冧酒透過白橡木桶釀造後散發優美雲呢嗱和杏仁風味;當中混合木炭令其口感順滑。Bacardí Carta Blanca微細和精巧的平衡味道不論調製經典Mojito或新派人氣Knight Cup均沒有問題。

Bacardí Carta Negra

Roundness, Richness and refinedness are appeared in the Bacardí Carta Negra, thanks to the fermentation in heavily charred oak barrels. It offers sweet, tropical fruit, caramel and vanilla notes give way to a smoky liquorice and molasses finish. Its robust and intense flavour matches greatly with coffee liqueur, in order to create Nocturno.

圓潤、濃郁和細緻均出現在Bacardí Carta Negra,全賴在深層燒焦橡木桶發酵,冧酒具備甜美熱帶果、焦糖和雲呢嗱外,還呈現煙燻甘草和糖蜜作結尾。冧酒強烈的風味與咖啡利口酒非常相襯,調製品質優美Nocturno。

Bacardí 8 Años

As one of the oldest private rum blend in the world, this attractive golden rum is aged for a minimum of 8 years, giving it a refined, ample flavor, mellowness with notes of prune, apricot, nutmeg and vanilla. Bacardí 8 Años is perfect to be the base for classic cocktails like Old Fashioned.

作為世上其中一款最歷史悠久的調和冧酒,這誘人金色色調的冧酒至少必須經過8年陳釀來呈現優雅、豐沛、芳醇質感,同時形成梅乾、杏桃、肉豆蔻和雲呢嗱的味道。Bacardí 8 Años調配經典Old Fashioned都十分完美。