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Orange Peel Wine Liqueur


I believe to every bartender, orange liqueur is one of the most common ingredients due to its existence of orange liqueur in many classic cocktails. Not only has it characteristic sweet orange flavors, but also it can boost and release the flavors of other base liqueur.


The most common ones in the market include orange liqueur, curacao and triple sec, while Cointreau and Grand Marnier (an orange brandy) are the most famous among orange liqueur.


Curacao is the name of an island located in the Caribbean. This is a place full of sunshine but lack of rain, so that the soil is poor and the fruits here are commonly dry and not juicy. However the sunny climate boosts the aromas of the peel and make it rich in oil. The Europeans macerates the orange peels in alcohol to extract the rich aromas, which turns out to be one of the world's most popular orange peel liqueurs named after the island Curacao. Triple Sec is actually one sub-type of Curacao which is more of the dry side. Sec means dry (not sweet) in French, and Triple Sec means remarkably dry. Triple Sec has a lower relative sweetness and medium length aftertaste. Therefore it suits for cocktails with low sweetness.


Orange liqueur is so popular partly due to its existence in many classic cocktails: Sidecar, White Lady, Margarita, Kamikaze, Cosmopolitan, etc. In these cocktails, you will find a similar form of recipe (base liqueur + orange liqueur + lemon juice or lime juice), or add other fruits to create variations.


One of the most familiar cocktails in bars can be Cosmopolitan. In my Level 2 class, there was a final project which require students to create their own signature cocktails. In fact students always ask for that and I would suggest them to study well before they give the first try, especially with the characters of various spirits and the twist of some classic cocktails.


Here is a common twist in cocktails - Cosmopolitan Twist – that you may be familiar with. The twist contains Vodka, Orange Liqueur, Lime Juice and Cranberry Juice.


I have mentioned in the previous article (Vol.3) a cocktail called orange peel porridge, which I design exclusively for a neo Chinese bar & restaurant. Orange peel liqueur is one of the main ingredients. The old orange peel used is sun-dried and macerated in tripe-distilled spirits for 4 months. It serves a function of eliminating phlegm, regulating stomach, dehumidification, lowering blood pressure and other effects. The longer it is macerated, the better the flavors! I would say it was a kind of Chinese style orange liqueur.

In the restaurant I will use Mandarin vodka, orange peel liqueur, lime juice and red plum juice to make the “Chinese Cosmopolitan”. What a healthy drink, let’s try it!



市面上或酒吧最常見的種類,大概包括orange liqueur, curacao or triple sec.  Orange liqueur 最出名的就是Cointreau (君度)或是Grand Marnier(香橙白蘭地).


Curacao是一個在加勒比海上的島嶼名稱,這裡陽光非常之充足,但可惜缺乏雨水,令島上的土壤貧瘠,種出來的果肉偏乾身,不多汁。但因為陽光充足,果皮的油分多且非常芳香。所以歐洲人也就是將橙皮拿去浸泡酒精,萃取橙皮的芳香風味而制成風靡全球的橙皮酒,亦以curacao島為名. 而Triple Sec就是Curacao的其中一種.亦是比較DRY的一種. SEC, 在法文中的意思是DRY(不甜), Triple Sec是三倍不甜的意思.  所以以Triple Sec命名的香橙甜酒相對甜度較低. 味道不太會留在舌上太久, 所以它會用在一些不太甜的雞尾酒當中.


橙酒之所以普遍因為大部份經典調酒也會看到它的出現, Sidecar; White Lady, Margarita, Kamikaze. Cosmopolitan 等等, 你會發現配方多以(基酒+橙酒+檸檬汁或青檸汁)調配以成, 或會加入其他生果令其有不同變化.


其中一款經典雞尾酒最為人熟悉的, 可以說是Cosmopolitan了. 在Level 2 課堂中最後會有一個Project. 就是要學生們創作他們屬於自己的雞尾酒. 在這之前他們都常問到一個問題, 就是他們什麼時候才可以創作一杯自己的雞尾酒, 我也是一般的回答說: 首先一定要熟知基本烈酒及酒類, 其次就是熟知經典調酒的改變.


以下就是一款經典調酒的改變. Cosmopolitan Twist. 相信不會陌生, 這是一款以Vodka, Orange Liqueur, Lime Juice 及Cranberry Juice調製的一杯「大都會」.


之前幾篇文章中已提及過我為一間中式健康餐廳設計了一款陳皮粥(Vol.3). 其中一樣材料就是陳皮酒, 五年陳皮浸泡了本地三蒸酒四個月. 而陳皮也就是陳年的大柑的果皮, 曬乾或低溫干燥. 果皮因果皮油具有理氣化痰, 健胃除濕, 降血壓等功效. 浸泡時間愈久, 酒味愈佳! 這也就是橙酒的一種, 我會說是中式的橙片酒.在那間餐廳酒吧, 我會用柑桔的伏特加, 陳皮酒, 青檸汁及紅梅汁做出中式Cosmopolitan, 也就是一杯健康的調酒, 大家試試吧!

Chinese Cosmopolitan Recipe

Ingredients 材料 : 

1.5 parts  Mandarin Vodka | 1.5份 柑桔的伏特加

0.5 part  Aged Orange Peel Wine Liqueur | 0.5份 陳皮酒

0.5 part  Lime Juice | 0.5份 青檸汁

1.5 part  Cranberry Juice | 1.5份 紅梅汁