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Taking Care of Beer

Melting temperature and violent sunshine are some of the drawbacks in lovely summer. But could you imagine that beer is intolerance for high temperature and sunlight as women do? In fact, beer is as sensitive as wine. We have to get rid of high temperature and sunlight to keep beer in good condition.


Thermophobia of Beer


The longer the storage time, the lower the freshness of the beer. Also, beer stored at high temperatures will decline much faster than beer kept cold. Studies have shown that a rise of 10 ℃ in the storing temperature halves the freshness of beer. Higher temperature will speed up the oxidation process and deteriorate the flavors. What oxidized beer taste like? When you feel that the hops become weaker and the tastes reminiscent of paper or cardboard, the beer is oxidized. To enjoy the real taste of beer, we recommend to store it in a cool place, better in the refrigerator.


Sun is the big challenge


Beer exposed to sunlight will develop a skunky flavor, so-called "light-struck" phenomenon, due to chemical reactions. This is an unpleasant aroma and off-flavor. Beer bottles comes in three different colors: Brown, Green and Clear. Green bottles are better than the clear bottles in prevention of "light-struck" phenomenon, while brown bottles are even effective to filtered out some light that prevented the beer from going skunky. Certainly, the best way is to get rid of sunlight or other light source.



Extended thinking

What If I put the beer in the refrigerator at freezing point? Will it make the beer tastes more delicious?

Don’t do that! When the water is frozen, carbon dioxide in the beer will be forced out. The volume will go up and there will be a risk of broken glass / can. Furthermore, it will destroy the nutritional component and the original flavors of beer.


盛夏時份,就是最怕炎熱的天氣和猛烈的陽光。但大家有沒有想過啤酒也跟我們一樣怕熱和怕陽光呢? 其實啤酒算是一種很敏感的酒類,比起葡萄酒可能有過之而無不及,所以高溫和陽光也是保存啤酒的禁忌。



存放時間越長,酒的鮮度就會越低。同樣地存放溫度越高其鮮度也隨之而下降。有硏究顯示,保存溫度每上升10℃,啤酒的鮮度也會隨之而下降2至3倍。啤酒長時間存放在高溫的環境下,會令其口味受到破壞,啤酒的成份也會急速氧化,不但風味全失,而且會令啤酒味道變差。哪麼怎樣才知道啤酒已經氧化? 當你感受到啤酒花變弱,感覺到紙皮或卡紙的味道時就代表你的啤酒已經氧化了。為了能享受美味的啤酒,我們一般也會建議存放在陰涼的地方,如能存放在雪櫃更佳。









千萬不要這樣! 水分冷凍結冰,啤酒中的二氧化碳也會被排出,因而令體積澎漲,會有破瓶或破罐的危險。另一方面會破壞啤酒的營養成分, 更會破壞啤酒的原有風味。