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Having good mood is a motivation to drink. Guests can have more than a couple of drinks if they stay happy – with the bartender telling story after story, always hanging up their curiosity after one thousand and one nights, and drinks served continuously – isn’t he the best bartender?


Bryson Rivera, Assistant Bar Operations Manager of JW Marriott’s Bar Q88, says the idea of Pin-up girl cocktail series which launches this month, came from occasions when he tried to get a word with customers. “Among the frequent guests here are a group of lone, midlife gentlemen. They always ask, ‘where’re all the girls?’ My knee-jerk response ‘they’re almost here’ even bored myself out. But now I can give them the drink list and say, ‘they’re all here, who would you like to check out?’” explained Bryson with a smile.


Bryson spent two months to finish this creation. He chose ten most famous pin-up girls in the 1950s, then build a mix for each one according to their unique features. “Brigitte Bardot was from France, and insist to speak only French even after moving to American for many years. She was represented with lavender, and as her summer wear appearance was so iconic, I try to create this feeling with Beefeater 24 which gives aromas of passion fruit, flower and tea. The girl line-up also includes Hazel Court, Bettie Page, Dita von Tesse, who are of contrasting characters, and so are their cocktails.


Born in Hong Kong but was of Philippines origin, the imaginative Bryson returned to the Philippines for school at 11. He aspired to become a journalist, but when he came back to Hong Kong he was yet to finish his studies. He had to work in a bar for a living, at first the lowest kinds of jobs such as glass cleaner. But he liked the work environment – felt like having fun rather than work, and there’re lots of booze, so two years later he went to the UK to study food and beverage management, before formally entering this industry in Hong Kong. Years of experience has not only earned him masterly mixology skills, but also the understanding that there must be a story in every glass in order to get along well with guests. He didn’t become a member of the media and tell stories with pen, but he is doing so every day with drinks.

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在萬豪酒店Bar Q88 擔任助理酒吧經理的Bryson Rivera說,這個在本月才推出的海報女郎系列,是跟客人搭話時得來的靈感,「這裡有一群熟客是獨個來喝酒的中年男士,他們常常問我,女生都到哪裡去了?常常答他們『快來了』答到我自己都悶,現在就可以把餐牌遞給他們,說『都在這裡,你想找哪位?』」Bryson笑說。

Bryson花了兩個月時間去創作這系列,例如找出最有名的十個上世紀五十年代最有名的十位海報女郎,再根據她們各自的特質去創作飲品。「例如來自法國的Brigitte Bardot,即使在美國多年也堅持只說法文,我就以薰衣草來代表,而她常常以夏日裝扮示人,我就用上熱情果、加上富花香和茶香的Beefeater 24來營造這感覺。另外還有Hazel Court、Bettie Page和Dita von Tesse等幾個形象大不同的女生,每杯酒都別具特色。


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Brigitte Bardot 特色雞尾酒 

Ingredients  材料

Beefeater 24 Gin

Fresh passionfruit. 新鮮熱情果

St Germain elderflower liqueur  
St Germain 接骨木花利口酒

Chablis 夏布利白酒

Mango Juice 芒果汁

Gingerbread 薑餅

Garnish 裝飾:

Edible Flowers 可食用花朵

Gold Spray 金粉噴霧

Method  做法

Add all ingredients without garnish with ice into the shaker.

Shake well and strain into glass.

Put the edible flower onto the drink. Garnish with gold spray.