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Beer Q&A

Fattening beer !


1 pint of IPA contains about 230 calories, almost equal to that of a bowl of rice. No wonder beer is also known as liquid bread! Analogous to other beverages, it is equal to 1.3 glass of wine or 3 shots of whisky. And if you love snacks, then let me tell you that one portion of fries equals to 340 calories, and a pack of potato chips gives 300 calories! Snacks and beer is a perfect match, but I would definitely pick beer out of them.

Drink at the right temperature?


For the pale lager (especially those bought in supermarket) in which crispy, refreshing, thirst-quenching characteristics are the focus, it’s better served at freezing temp. However if it is an ale, or beer with relatively deep color, heavier body, the tasting temperature should be a little higher! For example, IPA is recommended to be served at 7-10 degrees, while porter, and stout can be served between 7-13 degrees. For imperial stout, Barleywine or other extremely full-bodied beer, you can drink it at termperature over 13 degrees!


You taste an acidic beer, it is rotten?

Some styles of beer stress on the acidity. For instance, Berliner Weisse uses Lactobacillus to add acidity, Flanders Red Ale gives acetic acid in its maturation process in the barrel, while the Lambic’s unique sourness is created in the process of natural fermentation. However, for consumers beer with acidic tastes need more acceptance!


Glass bottle is better

Bottled or canned? In theory, beer is most susceptible to oxidation, light and heat contamination. With other factors remain unchanged, the benefits of can is light, isolation from oxygen and sunlight. However, it is relatively heat inductive to glass bottle, and second fermentation is not possible in the aluminium can ... In conclusion, glass bottle is the best way of packaging!


Beer is light in alcohol

It depends on the style. The alcohol content normally ranges between 2.8% and 14%. From 2.8-4.2% of American Light Lager, to 5.5-7.5% of American IPA, to 9-14% of German Eisbock! Kindly note that Eisbock is actually a kind of lager!



1 pint的IPA大約230卡路里,差不多等於一碗白飯的熱量,怪不得啤酒也稱液體麵包!相對其他酒類,這等於1.3杯的葡萄酒,又或是3 shot 威士忌,以量來説,啤酒比較優勝。如果你愛零食的話,那讓我告訴你,一包中薯條有340卡路里、而一包薯片有300卡路里!雖然零食與啤酒是絕配,不過如要二擇其一的話,我會選擇啤酒!




對於淡色拉格(pale lager)來說(尤其是在超市買到的),因為需要特出潔淨、清爽、解渴的特性,真是越凍飲用越好。不過,若是愛爾(ale)、顏色比較深的、口味比較重的、又或是酒體比較飽滿的,品嚐溫度就要相應提高!例如,IPA一般建議在7-10度飲用,波特(porter)、司陶特(stout)視乎酒體可以在7-13度之間,至於帝國司陶特(imperial stout)或大麥烈愛爾(barleywine)等特強酒精、特重酒體的類型,可以在13度以上來品嚐!




那又不一定。有一些風格的啤酒是帶有酸味的,例如柏林小麥啤(Berliner Weisse)就用上乳酸菌(Lactobacillus)來添加酸度、法蘭德斯紅色愛爾(Flanders Red Ale)在木桶陳年時會產生醋酸(acetic acid)、拉比克(Lambic)在自然發酵時也會產生獨特的酸味等等... 不過,對於消費者來說,有酸度的啤酒真的需要一些時間來接受!




瓶裝還是罐裝,真是很難定奪。理論上,啤酒最怕就是氧氣、光和熱。如生產儲存等其他因素不變,罐裝好處在於輕便、密封和隔光。這樣的話,罐裝好像比較優勝。不過,它相對瓶裝比較傳熱,也不能在罐內作二次發酵... 所以說,不可以以貌取啤!




又是視乎風格而定。整體而言,啤酒的酒精度可以在2.8%到14%之間!從美式淡拉格(American Light Lager) 的2.8-4.2%、到美式IPA的5.5-7.5%、到德國冰勃克(Eisbock)的9-14%! 你還要知道,冰勃克也是屬於拉格類呢!誰說拉格不夠勁!