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Beer Q & A

Q1: Should I pour my can/bottle of beer into a glass? What’s the difference from drinking directly?

A1: Pouring the beer into a glass with a wider mouth helps release aromas better – remember that our sense of taste is dependent on smell. You will get to taste more of the beer’s character, as well as admire its clarity, colour and foam.


Q2: Will storing my craft beers improve their flavour?

A2: A good guideline for aging beers – beers which are above 7% alcohol, amber hue or darker and contain minimal hop character – are good for aging. Examples are heavy stouts, barleywines or strong bocks. Avoid aging IPAs, hoppy beers or wheat beers as far as possible as age has a negative impact on flavour.


Q3: Drinking craft beer won’t give me a hangover. True?

A3: False. Drinking any alcohol will eventually give any person a hangover depending on quantity and tolerance. People generally don’t get drunk on craft beer often because of the higher price point and intensity of flavours – you generally drink slower and feel satiated from the beer.


Q4: Can homebrewed beer be as good as commercially made craft beer?

A4: Yes, that is possible. With proper techniques applied in home brewing, homebrews can be as good or even better! Many successful professionals have had strong homebrewing roots – e.g. John Wei(Brewlander), Ken Grossman(Sierra Nevada), Shaun Hill(Hill Farmstead).


Q5: What is bottle conditioning?

A5: Bottle conditioning is a technique that is applied when bottling beers – notably Belgian ales, but can be performed with any beer. Bottle conditioning involves giving the yeast sufficient sugar to ferment and generate the desired level of carbonation or bubbles in a beer. This technique is known to add more yeast character to the beer, as well as reducing the oxygen content in the bottle.

Q1:我應該將罐/瓶裝啤酒倒進玻璃杯飲用嗎? 如果直接飲有什麼區別?

A1:將啤酒倒入更寬的玻璃杯裡,有助於釋放香氣 – 由於我們味覺感受很大程度是依賴香氣。 倒進玻璃杯飲用,你會品嘗到啤酒更多的內涵,也可以欣賞啤酒外觀如清澈度、顏色和泡沫。



A2:以下是陳年精釀(手工)啤酒的指引-  酒精濃度高於7%,琥珀色調或較深色的、啤酒花較輕的啤酒比較適合陳年, 如Heavy Stout、Barleywines及Strong Bocks。 啤酒花較重如IPA或小麥啤酒都不適合陳年,因為這會削弱啤酒的風味。


Q3:喝精釀(手工)啤酒不會醉。 真的嗎?




A4:這是有可能的。只要有適當的技術,自釀啤酒也可以媲美大廠的精釀(手工)啤酒,甚至更好! 事實上,許多成功的精釀(手工)啤酒釀造者,都有豐富的自釀啤酒經驗- 例如John Wei(Brewlander)、Ken Grossman(Sierra Nevada)及Shaun Hill(Hill Farmstead)等。