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What does it mean by Organic?

When we talk about the term "organic", we have common impressions and thoughts – it gets rid of any pesticides and chemical fertilizers and is more environment-friendly, it often command a higher price but the crop may not look as good as normal one. It tastes better and is healthier to us. It seems the word “organic” is always good to everybody, but in the world of whisky, what does “organic” mean actually? What is the difference when a bottle of whisky is labelled organic?


First of all, organic whisky must comply with those strict rules to acquire the certification throughout the entire production process, from selection of the organic malt, to the cleaning of oak barrel, etc, to avoid any residues which organic .


This specifications that define “organic” are quite expensive and time-consuming to most of the distilleries compared to the normal ones. However there are still some distilleries who devote to it regardless of all cost.


Based on the current situation, there is neither one distillery who can tell the difference between organic whisky and normal whisky, nor be there any proved research that compare their difference. The only fact we know is that they express their effort in protecting the environment and their love to the Earth.


In fact, the new whisky made by organic malt that made by and normal malt should be different from each other, but the difference are not apparent to consumers because ‘new make spirit’ are only available in the distillery but not the public market.


Even if the organic malt does cause a difference in flavor, it has been modified by the oak racking and other post-treatment so it is difficult for the consumers to compare the difference. Organic whisky does not make a difference. Therefore if a bottle of whisky is brilliant in quality, it is nothing to do with whether it is organic or not. It is only a reflection of the palate. After all, whisky is a kind of beverage and you have to make a difference in order to attract drinkers. Otherwise the word “organic” remains only an approach of marketing or so-called gimmick. That would be a waste to those distilleries.











但回過頭來說,有機麥芽剛蒸餾出來的新酒應該與一般麥芽剛蒸餾出來的新酒還是會有所差異的,由新酒去比較當中差異性是最容易的,不過剛蒸餾出來的新酒 New Make Spirit這一部分酒廠並沒有販售,所以一般消費者無法購買以及取得,因此這當中的差異性只有酒廠才比較了解。