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‘The Notorious’ Whiskey

Napoleon Bonaparte once said,”Champagne! In victory, one deserves it.” Then what do we need to toast for defeat? Probably whiskey. 

Of course, it was a thoughtful performance with no loser. Therefore what we could see at the conference after the UFC world champion TKO by opponent, was a smiling face with just a little sign of fatigue. 

Conor McGregor announced the launch of his whiskey brand, ‘The Notorious’ Irish whiskey, claiming that it is designated to“take over”the Irish whiskey market. 

Regardless of his attitude and intention, I am just curious about how far a tenacious boxer could go in the way to make a spirit that is traditionally delicate and soft in style. 

It remains unknown to me which distillery “The Notorious” would work with. Over the past 20 years, Irish whiskey is experiencing a variety of new tides, such as the reinvigoration of double distilled single malts and peated malts, as well as the emergence of many new distilleries (hope he should not forget whiskey needs ageing). There are plenty of choices nowadays, from most commercial to boutique one. It depends on how he defines “success.” After all, if you got the money to buy Coca-Cola, is there a need to fight any else? 


當然,那只是一場早已立於不敗之地的精采演出, 所以大家都見到當那位UFC 世界冠軍於第十回合在環震耳欲聾的歡呼聲中被TKO 後,臉上除了一絲疲累外,竟閃現掩蓋不住的勝利微笑。

Conor McGregor 在世紀之戰後的記者會上宣佈, 將會推出自家品牌、以自己綽號命名的愛爾蘭威士忌「The Notorious」,並揚言會攻陷整個威士忌市場。

並未羨慕他對輸贏的那種雲淡風輕,也沒有認為財大一定氣粗,只是好奇一位以強悍進取見長的綜合格鬥高手,其Whiskey 應該不會太過纖柔細膩吧。

執筆之際暫未找到「The Notorious」究竟屬意哪一家蒸餾廠。過去20 多年,愛爾蘭威士忌正經歷各種新風潮,譬如二重蒸餾、單一麥芽、甚至連泥煤也重新抬頭,更因國際獎項而湧現許多新的釀酒廠( 希望他不要忘記威士忌需要陳年),要商業有商業,要精品有精品,選擇太多,一切視乎你怎樣看待「成功」。畢竟,如果你有錢到買起可口可樂, 還有需要花心機經營嗎?