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Hot Ginger Toddy

I believe to every bartender, orange liqueur is one of the most common ingredients due to its existence of orange liqueur in many classic cocktails. Not only has it characteristic sweet orange flavors, but also it can boost and release the flavors of other base liqueur.


The most common ones in the market include orange liqueur, curacao and triple sec, while Cointreau and Grand Marnier (an orange brandy) are the most famous among orange liqueur.


Curacao is the name of an island located in the Caribbean. This is a place full of sunshine but lack of rain, so that the soil is poor and the fruits here are commonly dry and not juicy. However the sunny climate boosts the aromas of the peel and make it rich in oil. The Europeans macerates the orange peels in alcohol to extract the rich aromas, which turns out to be one of the world's most popular orange peel liqueurs named after the island Curacao. Triple Sec is actually one sub-type of Curacao which is more of the dry side. Sec means dry (not sweet) in French, and Triple Sec means remarkably dry. Triple Sec has a lower relative sweetness and medium length aftertaste. Therefore it suits for cocktails with low sweetness.


Orange liqueur is so popular partly due to its existence in many classic cocktails: Sidecar, White Lady, Margarita, Kamikaze, Cosmopolitan, etc. In these cocktails, you will find a similar form of recipe (base liqueur + orange liqueur + lemon juice or lime juice), or add other fruits to create variations.


One of the most familiar cocktails in bars can be Cosmopolitan. In my Level 2 class, there was a final project which require students to create their own signature cocktails. In fact students always ask for that and I would suggest them to study well before they give the first try, especially with the characters of various spirits and the twist of some classic cocktails.


Here is a common twist in cocktails - Cosmopolitan Twist – that you may be familiar with. The twist contains Vodka, Orange Liqueur, Lime Juice and Cranberry Juice.


I have mentioned in the previous article (Vol.3) a cocktail called orange peel porridge, which I design exclusively for a neo Chinese bar & restaurant. Orange peel liqueur is one of the main ingredients. The old orange peel used is sun-dried and macerated in tripe-distilled spirits for 4 months. It serves a function of eliminating phlegm, regulating stomach, dehumidification, lowering blood pressure and other effects. The longer it is macerated, the better the flavors! I would say it was a kind of Chinese style orange liqueur.

In the restaurant I will use Mandarin vodka, orange peel liqueur, lime juice and red plum juice to make the “Chinese Cosmopolitan”. What a healthy drink, let’s try it!

在課堂上,威士忌環節時有好多人問我最喜歡那款威士忌,其實我很多威士忌都喜歡;以地區為例,蘇格蘭威士忌,波本威士忌,日本威士忌.以種類為例,單一麥芽威士忌以至調和威士忌。而令我最有印象的威士忌就是美國制的波本威士忌和田納西威士忌;但在我大部份認識的朋友或是學生, 都會對這種辛辣刺激的口味感到抗拒,以為這是等級較低的威士忌,他們多以價格及年份來做評價, 愈高價錢及年份愈悠久的等級愈高。最主要的因為一個每個人的口味都不一樣。

不同國家產生出來的威士忌都不一樣;文化會對威士忌的風味都會有重大的影響以及關聯。為何我會喜歡這種威士忌呢?原因係我以往在英國生活時大多數年輕人都會飲美國的威士忌, 這是一個潮流文化。美國人的快餐文化比較流行, 而當時英國年輕人都崇尚美國文化,追求有型刺激感覺,所以會飲辛辣的波本以及不會慢慢的嚐酒而是以shot型式的飲法!而相對比較老一輩的英國人就會選擇蘇格蘭威士忌, 口感順滑,慢慢的喝。另外歐洲人每次外出用餐都需要用上三至四個小時,他們喜歡慢慢咀嚼的氛圍,喜歡慢慢享受,所以他們對蘇格蘭威士忌嘅製造過程同埋飲用方法都特別講究。個人認為沒有好與差的分別而只是文化上飲用的差別 。

18世紀美國發生獨立戰爭,加上對英軍的苦戰之後,政府對釀造威士忌進行強行稅收,當時的業界反猛烈反對,引發了起義事件(The Whisky Rebellion)。 一班不願意繳納稅金的業界遷移到西肯塔基及田納西等地方,後發現當地盛產的玉米比黑麥及大麥更適合釀造威士忌,而把玉米當成主要的釀酒材料。而美國威士忌中最,出名的一定是Bourbon Whisky 和Tennessee Whisky。

根據60 年代美國所製定聯邦酒精法 ,玉米須佔51%以上,在內側燒烤過之新橡木重桶內最少兩年以上等條件才可稱之為Straight Bourbon Whiskey 。因原材料與文化之分,它們大部分都不須像蘇格蘭麥芽威士忌一樣陳年到15 至20 年之久。
今天要介紹的Cocktail 就是Hot Whisky Toddy。 Toddy歷史悠久17世紀時,西方民間一直認為威士忌是感冒良藥,最普遍是 Hot Toddy雞尾酒,以美國威士忌加入熱水、蜂蜜和檸檬汁和皮,當時被認為有驅風邪的作用,成為預防風寒的家常飲品,相傳有醫治風寒之效。在歐洲的時候得了小感冒,長輩第一個反應不是叫你馬上看醫生,而是親手調製一杯Hot Toddy,喝完後睡一覺,隔天起來已龍精虎猛。

有說Toddy名字來自棕櫚樹Palm Toddy,由誰發明尚待考究。根據十九世紀的美國調酒之父Jerry Thomas專書記載,Toddy又名Sling,是用熱水、檸檬汁、糖,加入基酒調成。隨著雞尾酒發展及製冰技術出現,這酒演變成冷熱兩種飲料,最傳統做法的Toddy被稱為Hot Toddy。而今次加入了中式的薑酒成為了Hot Ginger Toddy,請慢用:

Hot Ginger Toddy

Ingredients 材料 : 

1‭ ‬oz Bourbon Whiskey | 1安士 波本威士忌

1 oz Ginger Infused Wine | 1安士 薑酒

1/2 oz Lemon  | 0.5安士  檸檬

1 oz Honey  | 1安士  蜂蜜 

Hot Water  | 熱水