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Into the Craft Beer Bars in Osaka

Yellow Ape Craft

Yellow Ape Craft is located at 2 Chome-4-9 Imabashi, which is just 5 minute walk from Kitahama Station. The bar is quite eye-catching as you can see the beer kegs outside the shop. The two-storey bar, though not big, is equipped with 26 beer taps. The ground floor is essentially covered with standing zone and features mainly Japanese craft beer. It is a nice place for beer geeks to get a deeper understanding of Japan’s craft beer knowledge.


A few minute walk from Nishi-Ohashi Station, Osaka, you can reach Kamikaze (1 Chome-22-21 Kitahorie). The store has a capacity of twenty people and there are twenty beer taps. Those beers are mainly from local brewery‮$‬j‮$‬sG on that day. There are numerous choices so I suggest you to try their Beer Flight (100ml x 4). The Ramen shop just next to the bar is also my recommendation where you could grab some nice food after drinking.

Personally I think the craft beer culture in Osaka is quite mature. For beer lovers’ reference, a new map book called “Osaka Craft Beer Map” will be launched and frequently updated, which is a detailed guidance of Craft Beer Bar with addresses and opening hours. 



總是離不開啤酒,每到一個地方旅行也要走進他們的精釀啤酒吧。今次來到大阪 - 一個深得港人歡心的旅遊熱點,他們的精釀酒吧到底是怎樣呢?

位於大阪市今橋2-4-9,在大阪市營地下鐵北浜駅下車步行約5分鐘就可到達。酒吧並不難找,因為從遠處已經被那些啤酒桶吸引住。店舖不是很大,但店內竟然擁有26個啤酒龍頭。店舖共有兩層,每層感覺只有數百尺的地方。地下的一層大部分也是站立的位置,別有一番風味。啤酒種類很多,主要是售賣日本本土的精釀啤酒。如想加深對日本精釀啤酒的認識,Yellow Ape Craft是一個不錯的地方。

離大阪市營地下鐵西大橋站數分鐘的路程就可以到達Kamikaze。店內大約可容納二十餘人。啤酒龍頭數量也不少,總共有20個。當晚的酒主要是來自大山G的本地酒廠。由於啤酒款式比較多,所以想嘗試多款啤酒的朋友可以考慮 Beer Fight (100ml x 4)來品嘗。往往享受完精釀啤酒後也會有點餓,我建議可到店旁的拉麵店吃一頓。

筆者認為大阪的精釀啤酒文化也算比較成熟。他們會推出一本名為Osaka Craft Beer Map的啤酒地圖,亦會定時更新。這本啤酒地圖資料十分詳細,以地區劃分,也有列出開放時間,絕對不怕「摸門釘」。