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The Globe, the hall of fame craft beer bar

殿堂級手工啤酒吧 The Globe 

Well before the term "craft beer" had been made up, The Globe's mission had been making available the best beers. So what should we expect at the legendary bar when craft beer is everywhere?

As many beer traders exhaust themselves looking for selling points, The Globe just be. The bar doesn't even bother to add the word "craft." It's owner Toby Cooper said: "The Globe has been around since 1995 to get the best possible beer for our customers. I took over in 2003, when it was located on Hollywood road. The current premise up at Graham Street is already eight years old." Boasting 19 draft taps and over 200 bottles and cans from around the world, The Globe is never short of suppliers. The draft changes every week, and the venue is regularly used for events hosted by many brew brands. "We rarely do promotions in the social media, we believe it's the good drink and food that attracts customers," Toby spoke with confidence. 

He said The Globe has probably the largest collection of bottled and can beers. Just look at the Grand Cru series. The 20-strong lineup of rare, premium beers including New Zealand's 8 wired Bumaye, which was aged in ex-pinot noir wine, and a number of vintage beer like Rodenbach 2013 from Belgium. The full drink list is categorised by style, such as the regular lager and IPA, and the less common Scotch, dubbel and gose to cider, all of which are the best of its kind. "Cider has all been undervalued in Hong Kong, there are in fact a lot with good flavour and complexity, some are nice and dry. We serve as scrumpy as well, that's another style of cider in Britain, just without the foam." There aren't necessarily exclusive brews, the list is regularly updated. 

While it's always nice to have a large beer collection, a long list could mean difficulty for customers to choose from. This is where a helpful staffer kicks in. Will Toby, among the earliest Hong Kongers with BJCP, encourage his staff to study for beer judge certificate or Cicerone? "Not necessarily. Many of them had served long time and has good knowledge of our beers. We from time to time will taste beers in our collection, and will arrange brewery visit for at least a day in order to familiarise with the entire production."

當初「手工啤」這個時尚的詞彙還未誕生,The Globe已以賣最好的啤酒為己任,在手工啤酒吧百花齊放的今天,到The Globe又可以找到甚麼?

在大家扭盡六壬去找賣點的時候,酒吧可以說以不變應萬變,店主甚至不用手工啤這個字眼,「The Globe創立於1995年,一直努力為客人找最好的啤酒。我在2003年接手。當初酒吧在荷里活道,搬了上來嘉咸街都八年。」老闆Toby Cooper說。擁有19個生啤頭,加上200多款來自世界各地的瓶裝和罐裝酒,Toby說其實很多品牌想要跟他們合作,生啤頭的內容每周都更換,他們也與很多啤酒品牌合作在酒吧裡舉辦活動,「我們很少做社交媒體的宣傳推廣,因為相信只要有好的食物和好的啤酒,自然會有人來」Toby自信地說。

除了生啤,他們還提供大量瓶裝和其他形式的啤酒,Toby自言他們的酒單應該是全港最多選擇的。例如他們的「Grand Cru」系列,有用Pinot Noir木桶陳釀16個月的紐西蘭啤8Wired Bumaye,有不少年份啤如來自比利時的Rodenbach Vintage 2013,全都是難得的啤酒,清單上這類特級啤已有上20款。另外,他們的酒單按著不同的酒款分類,常見的如lager和IPA,較少見的如Scotch、dubbel和gose,以至cider,挑選的都是每個酒款裡出色的作品,「cider在香港一直都被小看了,其實有很多味道很好、層次很豐富的cider,有很乾身而好喝的,我們同時有scrumpy,那是另一種在英國出產的cider類型,不過是沒有氣的。」Toby說,雖然他們沒有獨家代理的啤酒,但這清單有二百多款世界各地啤酒,同時會定期更換。