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The Legendary Brewery – Hill Farmsted

Earlier in January, renowned beer review site announced the world's No. 1 brewery in 2016 - Hill Farmsted in Vermont, USA won the title for five consecutive year! Opened in 2010, the brewery climbed up onto the throne in just two years. This should be mainly credited to legendary brewer Shaun Hill.

Shaun Hill has been producing craft beer since 15. He established a Brewery Society in his high school and when he turned to 18, he set the target of building a brewery in the agricultural field owned by a family his hometown Greensboro. 


In order to pursue his dream, he decided to leave Vermont, giving up the job opportunities of becoming chief brewers and went to Nørrebro Bryghus in Copenhagen, Denmark. The history and artistic ambience of Europe copes with what Shaun aspires for.

In just two years, Nørrebro Bryghus won two titles in World Beer Cup two gold medals and as he reached  10,000 hour working experience, he decided to return to Greensboro to complete his ambition.


Hill Farmsted stands out from other beers for its emphasis on elegance and creativity. It gives a complex and delicate flavors. It is just a fantastic bottle of fine beer. The "the Ancestral Series", named after his own ancestor, make use of local well water and local yeast. All of these show his love and respect to his hometown.

Where can we find Hill Farmsted? Actually they are only available in several bars and beer shops near the brewery, while stock lasts. There are a few spots in NY and Maine where you may find it if lucky enough. Therefore it’s worthy to visit the brewery if you want to try it.

世界上最傳奇的精釀啤酒廠之一 - Hill Farmsted


今年一月,著名啤酒評論網站 公布了2016年世界上No.1的啤酒廠,美國佛蒙特州的 Hill Farmsted 又再次勇奪榮銜,已經是由2012年起,連續五年了!由2010年開業,能在短短兩年內登上冠軍寶座,全賴最巨創意的傳奇釀酒師 Shaun Hill。

Shaun Hill 15歲便開始家釀啤酒,在高中時代已在學校內成立家釀學會,18歲時他定下目標,將來要家鄉Greensboro市一片家族200多年所擁有的農地上,興建一所啤酒釀酒廠。


為了實踐理想,他毅然離開家鄉佛蒙特州,放棄多個美國首席釀酒師的工作機會,遠赴丹麥哥本哈根的Nørrebro Bryghus 酒廠追夢,歐洲的歷史及藝術性,正是當時 Shaun 希望追求的。

短短兩年,在Nørrebro Bryghus拿下 World Beer Cup 兩個金獎的時候,正是 Shaun 達成10,000小時的歷鍊,他決定回到美國佛蒙特州Greensboro,完成他的畢生理想。

Hill Farmsted 的酒款與眾不同之處,是其著重優雅及創意,味道複雜、口感細緻,簡單而言就像一瓶精緻的Fine Beer。他其中的酒款系列 “the Ancestral Series” ,酒標的名稱皆是他的祖先 ,使用當地的井水、酵母釀酒,正好反映出 Shaun 對他的故鄉及家族的尊敬。


那裡有賣 Hill Farmsted 的啤酒?除了在酒廠附設的酒吧外,只有幾家在酒廠附近的商店有售,但多數推出不久便被搶購一空!除此之外,曾經亦在紐約、緬因州幾家酒吧出現過,希望想品嚐一下的話,只好到酒廠走一趟了,路途雖然遙遠,但絕對值得的!