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Gin & Tonic


Gin & Tonic, a simple, classic cocktail known by my people. It seems simple to make, but actually hard to excel. This simple cocktail reflects the bartender's skill, as we have unlimited combination of gin, tonic, and different ingredients that gives different characters and styles. Gin, also known as juniper spirit, actually comes from the Netherlands, not London. 


Gin has been considered as a drug for diuretic, antipyretic and the treatment of gout.  The effect of eating juniper is not significant and in the 16th century Dutch pathologist Dr. Franciscus, a.k.a. Franz de a Boe, found that alcohol can effectively decompose the active components in juniper for quicker and effective absorption, as it circulates around our body through blood. 


The time that gin was officially made commercially was clearly recorded (the origin of most spirits were unknown). India was once a colony of the UK so there were many British navy travelled on board and gin was considered an alternative for their wages. It was as well an Ordinance in 1867 that lime must be included in the supply list for the Royal Navy. They found a medical syrup later in India, which was served as the treatment against heat and local malpractice.


Tonic Water is a chemical produced mainly by Quinine, which may help to cure fever and malari. It is often consumed by European soldiers fighting in the tropics during the colonial times, to resist tough tropical disease.


Later, it was found that tonic water tastes much better when it was added to gin. The way of drinking became popular very quickly. Finally, these British soldiers brought this recipe back to their motherland, with little alteration by adding lime. And it becomes what we commonly see today. 


This time I am going to make a cocktail using blueberries as one of the raw materials. Soak the blueberries into gin for about 2 months to release its sweetness and fruitiness. Add Italy's natural Tonic and fresh blueberries as garnish. Blueberries are not only delicious but also nutritious. It enhances our immunity, prevents aging, helps the health of the urinary system, maintains our vision, enhances mental health and prevents heart disease. It is even more effective when soaked in alcohol. You may add a little lemon juice or drink neat as well. Cheers!

Gin & Tonic,一款簡單、非常經典,而多人認識的一款 cocktail,調製上看似簡單,但調製一杯好的Gin & Tonic其實並不容易。這種簡單的調酒反而體現出bartender的功力。因為不同的Gin酒, 不同的Tonic,和不同的材料的配搭,會有不同的特色和風味。Gin酒 (氈酒)來自荷蘭,並不是英國倫敦,又名杜松子酒。


杜松子在歷史上一直被當作利尿,解熱與治療痛風的藥材來使用。但食用杜松子的功效不甚顯著,因此,於16世紀時荷蘭病理學家法蘭西斯·西爾維烏絲博士(Dr.Franciscus 又名Franz de a Boe) 發現用酒精能有效地分解杜松子的營養物質,令杜松子的食療效用能更顯著發揮,而人體吸收了酒精,快速令血液循環使其營養物質更快速中水人體吸收。




Tonic Water (通寧水)是一種以印度奎寧(Quinine)為原料所製造出來的藥劑,奎寧主要的作用是解熱與對抗瘧疾,在殖民時代經常被在熱帶地方作戰的歐洲士兵飲用以抵抗難纏的熱帶疾病。


後來有人發現將苦澀、難以下嚥的通寧水,加入氈酒之後變得較為順口好喝,於是這樣的喝法變流行了起來。最後,這些在海外服役的英國士兵將這種琴酒加通寧水的飲用方式帶回祖國,並配上檸檬片調味,就變成現今常見的調酒Gin & Tonic了。