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The Eagerness of Great Improvement  Sammy Sum

躍進的心 沈震軒

There are only a small portion of people uses actions to prove themselves to change, they are often very clear what they pursue and remain calm in the face of adversity. Sammy Sum recently has worked out continuously and has followed strict diet recently, as well as learning different skills to broaden his ranges of character types and talent. In terms of Sammy’s opinion, he wishes to be a multi-talented artist, which shows to audience with his varied and improved side.


During the interview date, Sammy showed a masculine look that was different from his smartly dapper image. The rugged celebrity mentioned his frequent workout routine aims for the shooting of Hong Kong renowned director, Cheang Pou-Soi‘s new movie. However, Sport has always been a major hobby for Sammy, he has found pleasure with it. “I love to participate in aerobic-sport, it has been the best way to reduce pressure. From the early school years in Canada, I played basketball with my schoolmates. Until recent years I have usually participated on dancing and Thai boxing. Besides alleviate pressure, sport also trains my flexibility and team spirits, which helps me to perform action scenes effectively and build good teamwork with colleague.”


Sammy was relatively skinner during his early work, it is believed that his strong physique is the outcome of countless training time and effort. On the other hand, this hardworking actor has also trained with another talents—song composing and song writing “Music is my complex, I really want to express my emotion through this art form. The best person to understand myself is me, so the best way is to write and create songs that reflects my thoughts! ” Apart from a number of discussions with producers and musicians, Sammy wrote lyrics during the spare time of the movie shooting period. As purpose to launch new songs continuously within short period, and ensure audience to know his thought.


The venues for interview were several sport themed bars, which involves with snooker, darts, Beer Pong etc. Sammy claims the diversified activities of the themed bar reminded him the house parties during his school days. Unfortunately this busy guy has not had more time to gather with old pals, which seems to be a luxury moment for him “It is a warm and relaxed moment when you get along with friends. During high school period, my friends usually hosted house party and invited a lot of people to play video games, play table tennis, and enjoy a feast. On the contrary we have not had enough time to meet each other while we are busy on work. Once I had a great chance to travel with five old friends in Japan, and we were happy to have Wagyu beef and sake for our hearty meal. ” If Sammy has a short-time gathering, he will choose to drink spirits with buddies “I prefer light but aromatic palate on Whisky, the smoky and peated style is acceptable for me. Whisky on rock allows me to enjoy its authentic flavour, it brings different variety while mixing with cocktails. However, the simple flavoured Whisky cocktails hit my spot because I can still enjoy the original charisma of the base Whisky. The complexed flavours one will overcome the base wine’s style.”


In fact Sammy is as diversified as Whisky cocktail. This multi-talented man is capable to be a movie actor, TV actor and singer, and has various skills like playing guitar, dance, Thai Boxing, song composing and song writing. This man was humble when I asked him how he regarded his career “I did not learn a lot of things during the beginning of my career. Therefore I was glad I have improved a lot. If I can improve and change myself every day, I am stepping forward to success.”







訪問場地是充滿運動元素的酒吧,當中亦有卓球、飛標、Beer Pong等遊戲,Sammy覺得主題性酒吧設有多元化活動,讓他想起讀書時的House Party般熱鬧,奈何這位大忙人沒有太多時間和老友聯誼,對他現在來說這是一種奢侈的時刻:「同一班Friend一齊去玩是很溫暖同舒服的事情,讀書時在朋友家中開Party可以打遊戲機、打乒乓球、食大餐。反而工作之後沒有太多時間相聚,難得有次可以同五位老友去日本旅行,又吃和牛同飲Sake,都算痛快。」如果是短相聚的話,Sammy都會選擇與友人飲酒:「我會飲淡口帶香的威士忌,帶煙燻的泥媒味也能接受。威士忌加冰可以享受它的原始味道,混合Cocktail 都有唔少變化,但簡單的味道會較容易接受,因為可以依然感受原酒的魅力,太複雜的Whisky cocktail反而蓋過了威士忌風味。」

其實 Sammy 與 Whisky cocktail 也很多元化,除了是三棲藝人,還懂得彈結他、跳舞、打拳、作曲作詞,問到怎樣看待自己的演藝生涯,他很謙厚回應:「其實初入行我沒有學過很多東西,所以慶幸自己現在較以前進步,只要每一天都能讓自己進步,有變化,就是一步一步邁向成功。」

Wardrobe: Scotch & Soda

Makeup : Henry Li

Hair : Kel @HH

Venue: The Venue、Arena Bar by Zerve、Show Time and Show Time Sports Bar

Spirit: Leung Yick Company Limited