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The Continuous Trend of Gin

I watched one of the classic Bond movie in the New Year holiday—Casino Royale. Besides the exciting gun- shooting scenes, cool cars and beautiful women, how could we miss James Bond’s most favourable drink, Martini. Every spirits drinker will pay attention to a scene when James Bond said “Shaken, not stirred”. The main character of the movie is a signature fictional character in UK, and martini is made with English national spirit, Gin, which has swept the globe since 2016.


In 2017, Gin has a more striking popularity than the previous year, its entries soared to 247%. Recently, Japanese Gin should be the hot topic—after Bean Suntory launched Roku, and Nikka launched Nikka Coffey Gin, both were greatly admired by the Asian and European gin enthusiasts. At the new year, it is estimated that the trend of Gin will soar continuously, as there are so many beautiful options to choose. I wish the trend of Gin will become a style of drinking eventually, just like Bond movies endure its popularity throughout 5 decades. Of course, I wish every reader also has a wonderful 2018, and have a better spirit drinking vibe!

新年假期看了其中一套經典占士邦電影《新鐵金剛智破皇家賭場》,槍淋彈雨的驚險場面、型車美女不在話下,當然又怎可少了占士邦的最愛飲料Martini,當他說句“Shaken, not stirred”必定引起大眾酒迷的注意。占士邦是英國著名虛構人物,他品嚐的Martini同時都是由英國國酒Gin調製,而這款烈酒從2016年開始熱潮直捲全球,在2017年表現更是驚人,入口量比2016年高出247%。


說到近期矚目的應該是日本Gin,去年Beam Suntory推出的六(Roku),之後Nikka又推出Nikka Coffey Gin,都引起受到亞洲同歐洲酒迷欣賞。踏進新一年,估計Gin的熱潮還會不斷上升,因為實在太多靚選擇,但希望Gin日久變成一種Style ,如占士邦電影可以一路長紅!當然我都希望所有讀者2018年都開心愉快,飲得更盡興!