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Formerly known as Wildchild, Yellow! now composes of 5 members, Siu Wu, Hong, Wilson, Chris and Ming. Established for 5 years, their pursuit of music never ceases. The 5 fellas have brought us inspirations for music. I wonder how the chemistry between alcohol and them can possibly be. 

Goodfellas’ Aspirations

Yellow! once wanted to be some cool foreign bands like Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay and Muse. Having spent years on music, they found that their music sounds like no one. The “fella’s rock” was somehow created. There has never been much fella music in Hong Kong. From then on, it becomes the musical theme of Yellow! Siu Wu specifies he wanted to be Kurt Cobain, the vocalist of the well-known band Nirvana. Everyone jokes about him as he is not 27-year-old anymore and can’t be as legendary as he is (Kurt Cobain committed suicide at 27).


Good Songs that Come into Mind

Hong is a music instructor who has profound experience in music judging. To evaluate a piece of musical work, the production of a song is the first to be considered. The quality of recording and musical techniques affect the outcomes very much. More importantly, music should resonate with people. Chris prefers songs with creativity. Repeated patterns are dull. Wilson in particular pays attention to the mood. Siu Wu likes smooth songs while Ming leans towards a song that can touch people from the bottom of their hearts.

New Sparks

Chris the talkative believes technical music will become popular in Hong Kong, reviving music like the classic rock in the 70s and 80s, as mood-driven music has been the mainstream for the last decade. Influenced by Japanese culture, Siu Wu expects local music will mix with more math rock elements. It results in less repeated periods and more time signature, in turn increasing the complexity of the song. On the contrary, Chris thinks that Hong Kong music will go simple. No matter how their thoughts differ, they all agree that music can be simple but music techniques can be very challenging.

The Doors Are Sealed

True local music lovers must know the live house Hidden Agenda (HA). The closure of HA is pitiful but it is not the end of the world. Yellow! believes the bands in Hong Kong still have a promising future. All they need to do is be themselves and keep making music. Definitely there will be a way out and more venues for band performances. On the other hand, it is hoped that the government can impose less restrictions on live houses, especially the license, to attract more HA to thrive in the future!

The First Destined Rendezvous with Bacardi

Siu Wu’s first encounter was at a bar. A simple Rum and Coke mesmerized him completely. Ming was impressed by a glass of Mojito. Out of curiosity, he asked the bartender and found out it was made by Bacardi White Rum. He was so shocked that he decided to mix a cocktail with Bacardi in a way he wanted to taste. Wilson discovered the excellent matches of Bacardi and other ingredients. Cocktails made from those recipes are truly marvelous.

The Bacardi that Belongs to Fellas Only…

Bacardi nurtures a variety of cocktails. Likewise, there are a number of Yellow!’s favorite cocktails. During winters, Bacardi can blend with chocolate and coffee to warm our bodies. Hot Buttered Rum is an all-time favorite of Yellow! Other than rum, it also has lemons, clove and butter etc. as ingredients. Pairings with Bacardi are not confined to drinks. Tiramisu sprayed with Bacardi is also adored by Yellow! In short, Bacardi offers unlimited surprises.




野佬曾經很想成為一些好像Franz Ferdinand、Coldplay、Muse般型格的外國樂隊,但經過多年的洗禮後,發現自己的音樂誰都不像,反而做就"麻甩佬rock"。香港從沒太多"麻甩佬"音樂,倒不如利用"麻甩佬"作為音樂主體。小胡則明言很想成為著名樂隊Nirvana主音Kurt Cobain,但大家卻打趣說他過了27歲,就不能如Kurt成為永遠的傳奇(Kurt Cobain於27歲自殺身亡)。





健談的Chris首先娓娓道來,認為香港未來會興起技術型音樂,就如70及80年代的classic rock,因為過去十幾年都流行氣氛為主的音樂。小胡就認為受日本文化影響,本地音樂會混合更多math rock元素,重覆樂段變少及拍子變多,增加樂曲的複雜度。Chris的看法完全相反,認為香港的音樂愈趨簡單。不論觀點如何分野,他們都一致認為音樂可以很簡單,技術卻可以很華麗。


喜愛本地音樂的朋友無不認識Live House Hidden Agenda (HA). HA的結業非常可惜,但並不代表絕望。野佬認為香港的樂隊依然有出路,只要他們做好自己,繼續發表音樂,總有出頭天,更相信還有更多的場地供樂隊表演。另一方面亦希望政府能夠寬鬆條例,尤其是牌照批核,或者將來會吸引更多的HA出現!


小胡第一次遇上Bacardi是在酒吧,簡單的Rum and Coke已令他神魂顛倒。阿銘則不經意被一杯Mojito迷倒,一問調酒師,發現是用Bacardi White Rum所做,驚為天人,回家亦不忘嘗試調出自己的Bacardi口味。Wilson發現Bacardi的酒能與其他飲料完美調配,製造出來的雞尾酒與眾不同。


Bacardi的調配變化萬千,同樣地野佬鍾愛的雞尾酒亦多變。在冬天的時候Bacardi可以配合朱古力或咖啡,把身體暖和。Hot Buttered Rum是一款野佬非常喜歡的熱雞尾酒,材料除了rum之外,還有檸檬、丁香、牛油等等。不單是飲料,灑上Bacardi的tiramisu亦很受野佬喜愛。總而言之,Bacardi可以帶給你無窮無盡的驚喜。

Text : Ching Yeung
Design : Inti Kong

Photos, Video : Mo