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Resilient Fighter Michael Tong

剛強鬥士 唐文龍

Everyone knows Michael Tong was one of the major highlights of the drama TV series “Heart and Greed 3”. It was a long time that we have not seen this cool actor appears on TV screen. Michael possess a humble gentleman image while showing his conversation, manner and knowledge, on the other hand, he is a considerate man in women’s mind. Throughout the conversation of our interview, the charismatic guy is as similar to a spirit that has been aged for a long time, offering the mixed personality of reserve and resilient, as well as an exquisite charisma.


Talented but Humble

If you keep reading this, I believe you will be amazed by Michael’s profile. This talented man not only graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a doctorate degree in Fashion Design, but is also skilled at Hung Kuen and Wing Chun (both are famous styles in Chinese martial arts). Honestly speaking, Michael owns the whole package! A person with a diversified set of skills usually has a huge ego, but he is really kind and approachable - He shook hands sincerely with our colleagues, did not say no to every pose requested by our photographer, and even suggested shooting with different angles in order to create the perfect aesthetic effect.


All of these can truly reflect the meticulous working attitude of this actor. Though his character in the TV drama series “Heart and Greed 3”was a bad guy, Michael gave his whole effort to play the role to the fullest extent. “When I saw the scripts initially, I was worried the audiences may have a negative impression against me, but it turned out that my role became popular. My acting can finally be praised by the majority and this is absolutely the happiest thing for me.”


Strengthen Himself in Adversity

After the broadcast of the TV drama series, Michael has seen a tenfold increase in his job opportunities, which is totally different from what he gained in Beijing a few years ago. This hardworking actor did not get depressed by the “jobless life”, but he learnt Wing Chun and Hung Kuen instead to enrich himself. “Everyone knows the showbiz development in mainland China can be extremely extensive and huge. At the same time, a myriad number of actors have led to a vigorous competition so you really have to seize every opportunity. There are a lot of outstanding actors in the industry, so I decided to develop another skill by learning Wing Chun and Hung Kuen, which can be treated as exercise to relieve my stress and pressure.” This fighter was grateful that the God had arranged those difficult days for him, so that he could develop a positive attitude and further cherish any opportunity.

Preference on Sweet Taste

Michael’s life is bitter in the beginning, but sweet at now. As purpose to get ready for a fruitful future, this tough man keeps on workout to maintain the physique and health. To be honest, we seldom see a 48 years old man is as ruggedly handsome as Michael. It is not difficult to imagine the attractive actor follows on a strict diet plan, but he occasionally drink a little portion of spirit with his friends “An adequate amount of spirits is acceptable. I prefer spirit with rich palate and chocolate notes, as I am a chocolate lover. Not everyone loves extremely bitter flavour. Spirit tasting is a pleasure, why should we suffer from it? ”




若果留意唐文龍資料的話,相信都會對他感到驚訝,既是紐約Fashion Institute of Technology服裝設計博士畢業生,但又同時精通洪拳和詠春,名符其實是內外兼備、文武雙全。說真的,一般人若有多方面才藝都會容易囂張,但Michael真人反而是很親切有禮、平易近人,一開始見面時他很有誠意跟同事握手,不論攝影師要求他擺甚麼Pose都沒有拒絕,甚至會主動提議不同角度拍攝,務求更具美感。 種種行為都突顯Michael的工作認真態度,即使早前角色Nic不太討好,他也盡力做好角色:「一開始都擔心個角色會令觀眾對我產生負面,沒想到最後會彈出,最開心是演技終於受到肯定。」





Text : Michael Yu
Design : Inti Kong

Photos : Damon Lui
Video : Leo So

Makeup : Jessica Chan

Hair : Eve Chiu @ Muse Hair

Watch : Charriol

Venue:  The Langham Hong Kong