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The Pursuit of Magnificence   Sharon Chan

不甘平凡 陳敏之

Sharon Chan is definitely a tough woman that deserves our admiration, as she has everything – the popularity gain from the role “Venus Wong” in TV drama “Heart and Greed 3”, the successful expansion of her cookie boutiques to 6 outlets, and her baby son’s healthy growth. This gorgeous and humble mother claims that God has helped her a lot. It is not difficult to understand her positive attitude and devotion on work are key to her accomplishment in each aspect.


Ideal, Responsibility and Love


Sharon Chan is a quintessential Capricorn woman, who demands to achieve the highest standard on every task, and is willing to combat any difficulties to achieve her goals. This person refuses to remain mediocre. The hardworking mother threw herself to a 5-month production of “Heart and Greed 3” after her son’s birth in less than 2 months. Meanwhile, she took care her son by sacrificing her rest. “Though acting and child care are different, both are my ideals, responsibilities and love. I want to be a great actress and mother, so I have to do the best. It was a huge trial for me during “Heart and Greed 3” production. I had to memorize all the dialogues immediately because of the limited time. I could not slow down the production progress, otherwise it was unfair to other colleagues. On the other hand, I did not want to miss every moment of my son’s daily growth. I would give up my time to take care of him without hesitation.” The process was very exhausting, but to the cheerful and optimistic mother, it was worthy. “As I’m 100% in love with my son and the role, ite offers me great determination and motivation to accomplish the things I love.”


Vision and Goal

Although the role “Venus Wong” increases Sharon’s popularity and job opportunities, this forward-looking actress understands a good character does not always exist. “I look forward to a breathtaking role like “Venus” again in the future. However, the reality is not always in line with expectations so I can only rely on fate as it is not what I can ask for. Meanwhile, I always observe my colleagues’ performance and learn acting skills from other movies, preparing myself to handle a role better if it comes.” Being an actress is passive. As a result, Sharon becomes the owner of cookie boutiques, a full control over her career. Owning 6 boutiques satisfies Sharon very much. She is planning to sell other food to expand the business.

Preference on Spirit

Besides having clear goals and intelligent business mindset, this smart boss treats others well by sharing fine food and spirits, “I love lively atmosphere, and like to invite good friends to enjoy dinner and spirits at my home during holidays. I’m a boyish girl, and I can be tough and strong. That’s why I stick to spirits. I remain conscious even if I swallow spirits with my friends.” In Sharon’s opinion, a fine spirit should possess these characteristics, “It should not taste bitter and tough. It must exude rich aroma and beautiful notes. I dislike mixing spirits with other drinks, a way of downgrading the spirit’s charisma. What a huge waste! ” She has got both masculine and feminine characters – generosity and grace respectively, exactly like a refined bottle of spirit standing still somewhere and attracting attention.









這位精明老闆除了有明確目標和生意頭腦,更懂得善待別人,因為她很愛與朋友分享美食美酒:「我性格喜歡熱鬧,放假時最喜歡邀請好友來家吃飯飲酒。 自己性格很像男人,可以很tough很剛烈,所以都偏向喜歡烈酒,甚至和友人暢飲也不成問題。」 對Sharon而言一瓶佳釀是甚麼:「不會太苦澀,反而呈現香醇氣味及味道,飲下去是不會刺喉。我本人不喜將酒混和其他飲料,這樣飲法只會減低酒原有魅力。太浪費了!」Sharon散發如男性的豪爽性格,但不失女性的風姿綽約,猶如一款高尚烈酒來吸人注意。

Text : Michael Yu
Design : Inti Kong

Photos : Damon Lui

Video : Leo So​

Makeup : Jessica Chan

Hair : Eve Chiu @ Muse Hair

Styling : Catherine Cheung

Venue:  The Langham Hong Kong