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Cecilia Wong is a certified Whisky Ambassador and currently a WSET Diploma candidate after attaining WSET advanced certificate (Level 3). She is also an official wine judge of Hong Kong Wine Judges Association and judging committee of Hong Kong General Chamber of Wine & Spirits. Her passion in whisky and wine leads her to become a whisky columnist, wine specialist and blogger. She likes to travel to whisky distilleries or wineries and discover more interesting whiskies and wines from around the world. She has her own wine & spirits page – CC Wine Voyage – on Facebook and Weibo.


黃詩詩是蘇格蘭認可的威士 忌大使,並獲英國 WSET 高 級品酒師証書 ( 第三級 ),現 正就讀 WSET 院士課程。她 亦是香港葡萄酒評審協會的專 業評判。由於熱愛品酒,旅遊 的目的地只會是威士忌蒸餾廠 或酒莊,十分熱衷品酒的她在 Facebook 及微博開了「詩詩酒 樂園」的平台,亦成了葡萄酒 及烈酒專欄作家、專家及博客。

The Most Northerly Whisky Distillery in the World 全球最北的威士忌蒸餾廠

Scotland is a gifted place for making whiskies. The cool climate is very suitable for maturing whiskies in the casks slowly and offering more elegant and rich flavours. The most northerly... 


If Scotch whisky needs to add water, it's better add the water for whisky! 如果蘇格蘭威士忌要加水,就應該加專門給威士忌的水!

If you travel to Edinburgh, apart from “check-in” at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, there is another must visit Do you add water to your whisky? It's a very personal choice, just like if you add ice to your whisky or not. There is a big difference between adding ice...


Day and Night in Edinburgh 愛丁堡的日與夜

If you travel to Edinburgh, apart from “check-in” at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, there is another must visit place named The Scotch Whisky Experience. You don’t need to apply for membership if you go there. You can join the different whisky tour experiences that you like, starting from a 50-min whisky expert experience to a 3-hour whisky pairing with Scottish cuisine. 

其實遊蘇格蘭首都愛丁堡,除了必定要到The Scotch Malt Whisky Society打咭外,另外亦有The Scotch Whisky Experience好值得去。這裡不需要入會,只需要按著自已的喜好去選擇參加不同的威士忌體驗,由50分鐘的威士忌達人體驗以至3小時的威土忌配蘇格蘭菜體驗任君選擇,完成體驗後可到它的收藏室參觀由70年代開始收藏了3000多支不同種類及年份的威士忌,有如一個威士忌博物館,必定令你目不暇給。

Visit The Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Edinburgh 蘇格蘭首都愛丁堡參觀Scotch Malt Whisky Society

If you are planning to visit Scotland, there is no reason why you don't put Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, on your travel list. Apart from having some big whisky shops with an extensive whisky list where you can shop like Toys R Us there (with some small distillery brands and rare vintages there as well), you can also do some sightseeing like visiting the Edinburgh castle or go shopping.


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