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How to Combat Hangover

A friend of mine who claimed to be a “heavyweight drinker” recently made a breakthrough – she got drunk and puked in front of friends and the bartender, after just four glasses of cocktails. 

Well, unless you aim for it, it is wise to prepare your own anti-drunk prescription. There are anti-hangover beverages in the market which are mainly made of glucose, vitamins, sulfhydryl (-SH) and other chemicals. The active ingredient sulfhydryl can remove undesirable substances derived from alcoholic metabolism, but the effectiveness depends on personal constitution. In my opinion, however, some kinds of fruits like pear, pomelo and pineapple are more potent for relieving the syndromes of hangover. Take one or two piece before you go to the bar. 

Wine and spirits from different countries vary in style, and if you look for recipe for anti-hangover it turned out to be different in various countries as well. For example, Chinese people would take green tea and Italians prefer light coffee, both based on the principle that the caffeine inside would boost the decomposition of acetaldehyde in the blood. Japanese has a unique "salted plums" recipe as the Pikrin contained in the plums could activate the liver function. In the United States, a cocktail called Red Eye - tomato sauce and beer - is renowned of its sobering effect (although it is a little weird to remove alcohol from your body with a cocktail).

一位號稱千杯不醉的好友最近破功了——聞說是一連飲了四杯Cocktail,竟然在酒吧當場嘔吐兼喪失意識,讓同行酒友及現場相熟的Bartender 也不禁錯愕了。




每個國家的酒都有不同風格,搜尋一下不同地方的解宿醉偏方,原來也是大異其趣。例如中國人會建議喝綠茶;意大利人會飲淡咖啡,因為咖啡因能促進血液中的乙醛分解;日本人則會用「醃梅子」,因當中的苦性酸(Pikrin)能使肝臟機能活化;還有自80年代在美國流傳的雞尾酒Red Eye——用番茄汁加啤酒沖調而成,據說也有醒酒功效(雖然用雞尾酒來解醉,真的有點奇怪)。