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Strike for Excellence   Samantha Ko

堅持不懈  高海寧

The audiences just look at the appearance of the actress, but they mostly ignore their inner beauty and the effort they paid for their career.  Samantha Ko Hoi Ning is one of the most hardworking actress in Hong Kong. With her experience nearly 10 years, she becomes a passionated and meticulous actress. Let us read more about her now.


Talking about Samantha, we immediately think of her slim body shape. How to keep up her beautiful slender figure would be our first question, “Besides doing exercises, pressure from work would make me slim automatically. I worked in Malaysia for movie filming last 2 weeks, I lost 7 pounds without doing any proper exercises and also without any diet plan. I have a really high expectation on myself. I wish I can do better and better as some awards were received and more job opportunities appear in these days.” She gave us an impression of making herself to do better and better as her career goal.

In this interview, her every action told us she requires herself to try her very best all the time. She discussed the details of her photos with the photographer. She even helped us to check the video camera was running or not during the interview with politeness. These all shows that her focus on excellence, “There are many misunderstanding from the public. They treat me as a sexy figure with unhealthy private life. There were a lot of false articles from the media too. I did really care about these false articles in the past and cried a lot as result. I bore tones of pressure all by myself. Reviewing my nearly 10 years career, actually everything happened is worth. For every sad things happened, I had one more lesson learnt from it. Now, I only need to have beloved family and friends who would trust me without any doubt. Any negative comment is not important anymore.” Samantha only focus on her career at this moment. She enjoys every performance. And the most important thing is to make her family and herself to be happy all the time. And this is her only goal now. 


Alcoholic drinks may be her own way to relief her negative feeling. When we asked her which cocktail she would like to taste, she said, “I watched a movie about a bartender. He could mix a cocktail that made the drinker remember the old days and finally cried out from sorrow. How amazing the power of cocktail is! In contrast with making people sad, I wish somebody can create a cocktail that makes me happy and thinks of any happy memory. Also, I also would like to have a cocktail that can make me sleep very well - when you under pressure, you cannot sleep well and the brain won’t shut down. The sleeping quality is of course very bad. Therefore, I love to have ‘sleep-promoting’ cocktail in this case.”


She did not drink any wine and spirits before. However, she found that having some wine with friends would make her really enjoy the moment they had and relax her tension from jobs. Starting from last 3 years, she drinks wine in dinner, “Wine is a must for me in dinner with friends now. That makes me relax and can adapt the environment more easily.” On the other hand, Samantha learns the knowledge of wine from Mr. So Man Fung, as he will have “red wine gathering” every Sunday, “Mr. So welcomes all the guests to enjoy his red wine collection in his home. He teaches us how to taste the red wine. I found that there is a lot of information required to be studied for red wine.”

Although Samantha likes red wine most, still she has some requirements for other kinds of alcoholic drinks, “If possible, I like the alcoholic drinks with the scent of orange, chamomile or grapefruit flavour. I do not like drinks that are too sweet. Alcoholic drinks with a bit sourness and a little bit sweetness would be perfect for me.”

Busy as Samantha, after the interview, she is required to prepare for the next trip to Malaysia to finish movie. Of course, she remember our first anniversary, “Happy Birthday, Malt & Spirits!” Her sweet voice makes all the people melt.






酒可以說是她排解情緒的方法,打趣的問她會調一杯怎麼樣的雞尾酒時,她回答:「以前看過一齣電影,戲中 Bartender 懂得調製一杯雞尾酒,可以令人回想從前一件最不愉快事情,最後更哭出來了 — 我不禁在想:雞尾酒的效果真是這麼神奇嗎?所以我希望有人教我調製一杯雞尾酒,可以令人想起所有開心愉快的事情,以及另一杯可以令人安睡的雞尾酒:因為有壓力時,就算睡了,腦袋卻依然不停運作,睡得不安穩,因此就想要一杯擁有『安眠』作用的雞尾酒。」




高海寧工作繁忙,訪問結束後,還要準備再到馬來西亞完成電影《福2代》拍攝工作,行程非常緊密。可是,她也不忘對雜誌一周年作出最衷心的祝福:「祝《Malt & Spirits》一周年生日快樂!」由她口中說出這句話,的確十分甜呢…

Text : Lawrence Wu
Design : Inti Kong
Photographer : Vincent Ma
Video : Daniel Yu, Lawrence Wu
Make up : Vanessa Wong
Hair : Veron Chan @Hair Corner
Venue : Cherry Bar & Lounge
Wardrobe : Three Floor @Twist
Watch : Montblanc Bohème Automatic Date
Heel : Pedder Red