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My Story, My Song   Mark Lui

我的故事我的歌 雷頌德

As the Barcadi We are the Legacy singer-writer content enters the finals stage, Malt and Spirits has invited its judge, Mark Lui, to share his career in songwriting and singing.


In the internet age, Sing-writing ecosystem is a lot different from it used to be, but what remains the same is the passion of the young singer-writer. “I was fond of pop music since my early days. Back then information was that easily available, it took a great deal of time to look for the music I loved. After listening for many times, I wanted to play them on my own, and then I wanted to create my own music. 

Unlike now when YouTube is your easy way to publicise a song and reach thousands, it was much more difficult for Mark. “At first I can only play my new songs to my good friends, and you can only hear praises. At university I met a group of people who were passionate about music as well. We worked hard by ourselves, then debut our music at University variety shows.” Back in Hong Kong from Britain, Mark took part in many competitions, “but never get pass the qualifying rounds,” he laughed. But with a persistence to knock the doors of record companies, he gradually got his music known.


Art is a way to express oneself, and the same is true for songwriting. So would Mark tell his own stories in his music? “There may be some in my earliest works, which were basically unpublished and frankly not good enough. But the later songs were written for other singers. When I listen back, I felt I couldn’t write those songs anymore because my thinking is different as with time.” It’s a pity those songs have little commercial value. For him, the initial motivation to write songs is to push himself to be a professional songwriter, “there had been times I doubt myself quite seriously: is it because the songs aren’t commercial enough, or simply not good enough? I tried every direction in terms of song writing in order to turn my passion into a vocation. And when I became successful, I have more freedom in writing.”


Of course, taking part in a competition is definitely a shortcut to becoming a songwriter, and Mark has some advice for young writers who are eager to be in the profession: “You not only have to express yourself in a competition, you also have to win it. Remember, a song is written for an audience. As well as having personal characteristics, it has to sound pleasing. Finally you have to treat every song as your masterpiece, while you have little grip about the future reception of any given song, before everything you have a have a good song.” Although not every participant of Barcadi We are the Legacy can win a prize, they should earn much valuable experience.

隨著Barcadi we are the legacy傳奇唱作人大賽進入決賽階段,《Malt and Spirits》也邀得評判雷頌德分享其多年來的唱作路。




相比起現在想要發表的話只需要將自己的作品放上Youtube,便可以接觸到很多人,在Mark的年代發表的難度就高很多,「一開始寫歌的時候,都只會給好朋友聽,大家當然只有好評。到了大學,認識一班同樣喜歡音樂的人,大家各自埋頭苦幹,然後在大學的Variety Show上發表。」後來Mark畢業後自英國回港,也曾多次參加比賽,但他笑說當時「無次入圍」,但他仍不斷向唱片監製敲門,自薦作品,最後才漸漸有曙光。




當然,參加比賽是成為職業創作人的捷徑,Mark也有些貼士提供給有意投身專業的年輕朋友,「參加比賽不單要表達自己,目標是要贏,所以寫法要有點不一樣。另外要記住歌是給別人聽的,客觀來說要悅耳,當然個人特色也很重要。還有就是要當每首歌都是master piece,歌之後的際遇難以制,但最重要先有好歌。」相信所有Barcadi we are the legacy的參賽者即使贏不到獎項,也能贏到寶貴的經驗!

Text : Iris Chow
Design : Inti Kong

Photos : Hong Leung