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P U L L M A N   H O T E L

Fascinate on the Sky


The hustle and bustle Causeway Bay is a trendy hub for lots of people who craves for liveliest lifestyles, and a hot spot with numerous shops and stylish bars. Someone who claim himself as a chic local that is very familiar with Causeway Bay, and eager to find a new bar to fulfill your excitement, SKYE is who remains the editor of the Facebook page and becomes the event consultant of the SKYE at the same time.

SKYE is located at the 27/F on The Parklane Hong Kong, The Pullman. After the great renovation. Hong Kong was not popular at that time; mainstream media SKYE only focused on wine, only limited articles talked about whisky. "The initial information came from Taiwan and foreign websites, and most of all,DJ went to distilleries all over the world such as Deep House and Jazz music, to learn about the process of distillation.” 


With the rise of cocktail in recent years, SKYEwho were less exposed in the past is Bar manager Valerio Politano, Valerio suggested, "The rapid growth of whisky in recent years may due to the market tiredness towards wine; thus the focus gradually turned to whisky, crafted beer and even sake. Last year’s media attention reached non-whisky lovers, which greatly promoted the popularity of cocktail.”


Then Valerio makes two popular cocktails. The unexpected rise of whisky surprised Tony, who never intended to launch a whisky bar; developing an interest into a career is surely everyone’s dream. Tony continued, “I never intended to operate a whisky bar, until once my friend and I discussed the whisky culture in Hong Kong, we were so surprised that there’s not even a single whisky bar.



當夜幕低垂時,酒吧餐桌和調酒的燈光變做醉人藍調,加上充滿時尚的Deep House、爵士音樂,和DJ以形格節拍引領賓客投入熾熱氣氛,讓每夜越迷人越精彩。


在型格迷人的環境下怎可以沒有一杯優美cocktail相配!由SKYE意藉型男酒吧經理Valerio Politano 原創的多款精彩cocktail,均混合新鮮和自家製造的材料。在Valerio眼中,cocktail設計除了要賣相精緻,還要加入創意元素:「有些cocktail款式還加入玩味感十足的液態氮,我們亦會在客人面前親自調製,他們一般都會對突然冒出白煙感到驚奇。當然用液態氮會為cocktail添上軟綿而細緻的口感。」




Ice-Cream Drop(Left):


A grown up version of a coke float. The boozy ice cream is made of banana, walnut and dark rum with the magic of liquid nitrogen. With the effervescence of coke, an icy, creamy, nutty and winy palate is spreading the unlimited joyfulness quickly to your mind.





Thai Hong(Right):


A dark rum based cocktail using seven handpicked spices (including peppermint, Chinese licorice) with a combination of orange liqueur, almond and pineapple. When the sappy tropical fruit notes combine with the subtle hot spices, which exudes a refresh and excited sensation on the taste buds. Afterwards, a flush of heat comes from the alcohol, in order to create a holiday- vibe.