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M A N D Y   W O N G

Endless Potential

黃智雯 無限可能

Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA), the well-famed Hong Kong actress Mandy Wong has shown her outstanding and varied acting skills in numerous drama series by playing a variety of roles, ranging from tough lawyer, hilarious PR staff to sassy housewife and kind teacher. Out of the screen, this professional actress is also good at dancing, singing and playing piano. We can say Mandy is an active, sedentary and multi-talented lead actress, but how would Mandy describe herself?



Be Like Water

“As a Sagittarius, I discover my personality has some similar and different parts compared to the features of my horoscope. For the similarity, I am active and positive like many Sagittarius friends, but not as talkative as them, and normally I act as a quiet hearer of what the others say. In the world of drama, I can unleash another MANDY WONG by using my imagination and interpret the various sides of myself - I can be timid, tough or vivacious. I would say I am like room temperature water, which implies there can be unlimited possibilities and changes.” This simple description reminds me of Bruce Lee’s statement from Be Like Water -

“You must be shapeless like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot.” If the containers represent acting roles, Mandy is the shapeless water who never limits herself and can further trigger her endless potential.



Versatile Actress

Although Mandy has been acting for ten years, you can still discover her passion for acting. She thought acting can bring her brand new experience all the time and even some unexpected benefits. “I am so glad that I can apply what I have learnt at HKAPA, like dancing and acting. For example, the dancing steps and facial expressions can help me a lot while acting as a shrew. I could make use of lively facial expressions and body languages to go mad and crazy. Besides, it is unexpected that some characters’ personalities have brought some positive effect to me. For instance, my recent favourite role is Martha Fong, a brave and tough lawyer, from Law dis-Order, who has given me some courage in reality (as I am quite timid actually), so I can try to live my life in a more bold way.”

There will be three upcoming drama series from Mandy to be broadcast. Besides acting as a lawyer with Multiple Personality Disorder in Threesome, Mandy will also play the role of a weak and delicate doctor in The Exorcist’s Meter, which will change our perception on her usual “tough woman” image. Although these roles are very challenging, this Sagittarius lady welcomes any kind of challenge and hopes to showcase her best talent in a musical, “the recent musical film La La Land is really touching, and it further arouses my desire to participate in a musical production replete with local elements. It can be a TV drama, movie or musical. I love dancing very much and I know it is very difficult to manage acting, singing and dancing at the same time, but I hope my dream will come true one day."


Enthralling Holiday

Mandy usually travels around on her holidays, and sometimes hangs out with her best buddies. The most impressive experience was drinking in a stylish bar in London’s city center, “this classic English bar had a singer imitating Marilyn Monroe with the backdrop of a live band. We were all surprised and totally enthralled that night!”


Mandy also visits the bars in Hong Kong sometimes and prefers drinking cocktails. “I usually follow the other girls and pick something fruity, sour, sweet and colourful. The reason is that spirit with bitter taste is not my cup of tea, while the cocktail with various colours can cheer me up.”


Apart from enticing cocktail, there are a number of things in bar which can attract Mandy, “I am usually thrilled with the place featuring a special theme and exuding a chill vibe. With the accompaniment of relaxing music and my best friends, I can entirely immerse myself into the ambience, just like having a short but enjoyable holiday.”





 「我是人馬座的女生,性格與自己星座有相似和唔相似的地方,相同之處是我像人馬般積極和好動,但就不像其他人馬朋友那麼愛說話,一般來說只會安靜地聆聽他們的話題。但在戲劇的世界可以釋放另一個黃智雯,同時可以運用自己想像力去演繹不同的自己,可以很怕事、很強勢或很活潑。我會形容自己像室溫水一樣,可以有無限可能和變化。」這簡單的形容讓我想起李小龍《水的哲學》的一句:「無形的, 像水一樣. 你把水倒進杯中, 它變成杯. 倒進瓶子, 它變成瓶子. 倒進茶壺, 它是茶壺。」容器就是演出的角色,Mandy猶像無形的水一樣不框著自己,從而激起她無限潛能。





其後Mandy將會有三部劇集播放,當中《三個女人一個「因」》會扮演一個三重性格的律師,另外《降魔的》會一改以往女強人角色形象,演出一位柔弱醫生。感覺這些角色很大挑戰,但這位人馬座女生就是無懼挑戰,在未來的演藝生涯她希望可以參與一部歌舞劇:「早前電影《La La Land》讓我非常感動,更啓發我想演出充滿本土元素歌舞的意欲,可以是電視劇、電影或舞台劇。我太喜歡跳舞,雖然兼顧演技、唱歌和跳舞會難度非常高,但希望將來可以實現。」




 每當假期時Mandy都會到處旅遊散心,有時會聯同閏蜜到處見識,最深刻的一次是在倫敦市中心一間充滿格調酒吧暢飲:「沒想到在充滿古典英式設計的酒吧內,可以有扮演瑪莉蓮夢露的演唱者和Live Band在現場助興,我與所有朋友都很盡興!」