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Beer is one of the oldest beverages in the world, and the earliest beer found is probably Ale. The earliest beer dates back to around 6000 BC, and European monasteries began to produce large-scale brewing in the United Kingdom in the seventh century. In Germany and other countries Ale is an indispensable source of nutrition. Ale is a top-fermenting beer. The fermentation temperature is higher and time is shorter compared to Lager. In general they are darker in color and give a more complex and strong taste with richer body and layer. A pleasant nutty and a variety of fruit flavors evolve.If handled well, the Ale gives chocolate and honey on the nose.


In the earlier years, the making of Ale did not involve hops. People found that process by adding hops in the fermentation process, not only it can extend its shelf life, but also raise the bitterness and complexity of the beer. However due to several drawbacks including poor storage, high cost of production and control of quality, the production of Ale declined since 1842 of Lager, with a few exception in United Kingdom, Belgium or some traditional countries.

There are numerous styles of typial Ale - from golden, amber to dark brown; from light to extremely strong aroma; from subtle to overt hops. Pale Ale, Golden Ale, Brown Ale, Bitter, Saison, Indian Pale Ale, Porter, Stout from UK, Weissbier, Hefeweizen, Dunkel, Weizen from Germany; double, triple, lambic from Belgium, we have uncountable types of Ale to learn about and it’s definitely a topic all craft beer lovers couldn’t miss.

To feel the real temperament of Ale, one must not ignore is the selection of glassware. I am a little bit stubborn to insist serving different craft beers (except Lager) with particular glass. Just like the way we serve various wine with different glass in order to show the most beautiful face of the wine.How many different types of glass you have at home?


啤酒是世上最古老的飲料之一, 而人類最早的啤酒可能就是Ale, 啤酒最早出現在約公元前6000年.  公元七世紀在歐洲修道院中開始呈有規模地釀製.  在英國、德國等國家Ale 成為了人們不可或缺的營養來源.  Ale 是一種上層發酵的啤酒, 相比Lager, 發酵溫度較高, 發酵時間亦較短.   一般顏色較深色, 且帶有更加複雜濃烈的口感, 層次豐富, 酒體較飽滿, 可以形成很好的果仁和多種水果味道.  如果大麥處理得好, 也可以產生朱古力和蜂蜜等香味.                                                  

最初的Ale並不加入啤酒花, 後來漸漸地人們發現, 在發酵過程中加入啤酒花之後,不但可以延長保存期,還可以增加啤酒的苦味香味, 使啤酒的的味道和口感更複雜.  但是 Ale不容易保存, 質量不容易控制, 生產成本高等問題使 Ale在1842年之後開始退出了工業生產的舞台, 除了英國, 比利時等一些傳統國家外, 世界上的啤酒舞台地位已漸漸被Lager 所取替.

正宗的 Ale 風格上有數之不盡的變化 酒色從金黃到深紅琥珀, 什至深棕黑色; 麥芽香氣從淡雅到濃烈; 啤酒花風味從含蓄到奔放; 都有顯著的獨特個性.  由英國的Pale Ale, Golden Ale, Brown Ale, Bitter, Saison, Indian Pale Ale, Porter, Stout ……  德國的 Weissbier, Hefeweizen, Dunkel, Weizen ……  比利時的 Double, Triple, Lambic …..  以及各式各樣世界各地其他國家的 Ale, 種類繁多, 各有風格特色, 可見Ale 家族之龐大及千變萬化的演變, 是要認識 手工啤酒不可或缺的最重要課題.

要深入品嚐 Ale 千嬌百媚的獨特氣質, 除了要選對酒款, 更重要的是要有一隻適合的啤酒杯,筆者比較固執, 除了普通的 Lager 外, 所有酒款都會盡量用適合的酒杯飲用, 正如飲用葡萄酒一樣, 不同的葡萄品種我們會選用不同形狀大小的酒杯, 方能表現出酒最優美的一面.  朋友, 你家中有多少隻杯子呢 ?