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Starts a new chapter

推陳出新  繼續領先

Standing in SOHO area for more than two years, The Round House is Hong Kong’s first generation craft beer bar. While many of the more recent bars tends to give local and hip feelings, The Round House maintains its American beer bar environment even after decoration earlier this year. It continues to serve in its 26-tap system. “We maintain a proportion of various beer styles. The 26 taps will include three local beers, a cider, one to two pilsner, a couple of stouts or amber, with the rest filled with pale ale and IPA.” Bar Manager Alex Yip said. Upon this fixed pattern they will replace them with different brewers every week, so customers do not lack surprises.

The bar has a lot of regular customers, Alex said, and they think that in addition to a wealth of choice, the service is also very important. They set up a vibrant and cordial team, having solid knowledge about beer and like to hang around with customers. "A colleague will even provide massage for customers, and she does it great!" Alex laughs. in order to have more interaction with the guests, the boss bought a home brew machine a year ago, and sponsored interested guests to buy materials to brew in the bar. Each month there’ll be theme, such as IPA, and then invited two groups of volunteering guests to make their own brews. During the process, guests will often go to the bar or call to check the beer’s condition, "". This has significantly increase communication with the customers. @  said sometimes the guests also brew some very interesting beer, for example, @ and they often well received in the bar.

All the staff here have a passion with beer, and when the brewing machine is idle, it becomes their turn to show their skills. But Alex said the first brew was a total failure. “I wanted to turn the beer to ‘fruit bomb’ and added in a whole pound of lychee and two big mangoes, but the result was simply a fruit juice. Fermentation hasn’t taken place because the mash was too sweet.” Another time they tried a black IPA, and it was such a hit, the all five gallons has been sold out in two days!” They are thinking of taking this brew to home brewing competitions. “The good thing about brewing is that it doesn’t always come in the way you hope for. And surprises pop up from where you don’t have much expectations.”


The Roundhouse has been opened for some time. In addition to increasing in beer lessons, their more ambitious plan is to launch their own beer brand. "While we have been promoting different brands for three years, it is also the time to promote ourselves. We intend to launch two beers, a double IPA comes first as this type of beer is rather sought after recently, and then is the successful imperial black IPA. We plan to launch bottled beers first, then move to draft if they’re well received. "group operation manager Zack Lee explained. So craft beer fans, look for something new soon!

The Round House於兩年多前開業,是香港第一代的手工啤酒吧。當現在很多手工啤酒吧都主打本地感覺,帶點文青氣息的時候,The Round House依然故我,在年初裝修以後,仍然貫徹美式啤酒吧的氣氛,並繼續提供26個啤酒頭,以數量取勝。「我們有一個內部的表格,在這26個頭裡,有固定的比例,包括三款本地啤、一款蘋果汽酒、一至兩款Pilsner、一至兩款黑啤和Amber,其餘就是Pale Ale和IPA。」酒吧經理Alex Yip解釋說。組合固定,但他們每星期也會換上不同廠的出品,以保持客人的新鮮感。



在這裡工作的員工都熱愛啤酒,當啤酒機閒下來時,他們也曾「攝期」大顯身手,可是Alex的第一次卻是個失敗經歷,「當時我用了整整一磅荔枝和兩個大芒果去釀,以為會令啤酒充滿果香,怎料一試,像糖水一樣!原來因爲太甜而未能成功發酵。」不過,後來他們再試釀black IPA ,就一舉獲得成功,釀成後「在兩天內賣完了五加侖!」他們打算以這款啤酒參加自釀啤酒比賽。「釀啤酒就有這個好處,當你以為會很精彩(荔枝芒果那款),可以完全失敗,當你沒有大期望時,又有意外驚喜。」


The Roundhouse 已開業一段時間,未來除了增加啤酒講座之外,更有一個全新搞作,就是推出自家品牌啤酒。「我們一直在推廣不同品牌,三年了,也是時候推廣自己。我們打算推出兩款,首先是double IPA,近來這類型頗受追捧,然後就是imperial black IPA,即他們早前自釀那款。首先會推出支裝,若反應理想會再推出生啤。」集團營運經理Zack Lee解釋說。看來本地手工啤酒迷又有新產品可以期待了!