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Day and Night in Edinburgh


If you travel to Edinburgh, apart from “check-in” at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, there is another must visit place named The Scotch Whisky Experience. You don’t need to apply for membership if you go there. You can join the different whisky tour experiences that you like, starting from a 50-min whisky expert experience to a 3-hour whisky pairing with Scottish cuisine. After that, you can visit the Diageo Claive Vidiz whisky collection room with over 3000 bottles of rare Scotch whiskies on display. Claive Vidiz began the collection from 70s onwards and the collection room is just like a whisky museum now. If you want to purchase a few bottles of whiskies as souvenir, you can go to the shop on ground floor and they have around 500 varieties of whiskies for you to choose. I obviously want to bring them all home, especially the rare ones including Tobermory 42 year old, Port Ellen 14th Release (35 year old), Glenfaclas 50 year old, Brora 37 year old and many more.


I attended the Glenfaclas whisky dinner hosted by Glenfaclas’ brand ambassador Mr. Ian McWilliam at The Scotch Whisky Experience. I tried a vertical tasting with 4 different vintages, including 12 year old, 15 year old, 21 year old and 25 year old. Glenfaclas is one of the few family-owned whisky distilleries in Scotland and it’s managed by the 5th and 6th generations now. They only use 100% Spanish Sherry Cask to age its whisky since 1805 and whisky lovers who love Sherry casks will definitely like it. It’s really amazing to know that they only have 34 full time staff in running a production of 3.5 million bottles per year. They are so efficient! You can really taste the aging difference from the Glenfaclas vertical tasting, as they are all matured in 100% sherry cask. Glenfaclas 12 year old is very welcoming with toffee, raisin, honey, spices and mineral notes.  If I really have to choose one out of the four whiskies, I’d definitely vote for the 25 year old. It’s very rounded, smooth and complex, with orange blossom, dried prune, walnut, raisin, toasty oak and cocoa notes with very long finish. Although a lot of people say that a good whisky doesn’t need to be aged long, I truly think that an old-aged whisky is always a good whisky. 


Don’t miss the Ghost Walk Night Tour in Edinburgh, where you start your spooky journey in downtown and follow the vampire tour guide to walk along Edinburgh castle and heritage buildings and listen to the ghost stories. While you are on your way to visit different spooky spots, be warned that you may be scared by a pop-up ghost from time to time during your tour! It’s a really unforgettable experience and hope you will like this funny ghost tour.



其實遊蘇格蘭首都愛丁堡,除了必定要到The Scotch Malt Whisky Society打咭外,另外亦有The Scotch Whisky Experience好值得去。這裡不需要入會,只需要按著自已的喜好去選擇參加不同的威士忌體驗,由50分鐘的威士忌達人體驗以至3小時的威土忌配蘇格蘭菜體驗任君選擇,完成體驗後可到它的收藏室參觀由70年代開始收藏了3000多支不同種類及年份的威士忌,有如一個威士忌博物館,必定令你目不暇給。如果想買幾支威士忌作手信,可到地下的威士忌店,那裏有約500款威士忌給你選擇,我當然看見很多支令我心心眼的威士忌,包括Tobermory 42年威士忌、Port Ellen 14th Release的35年威士忌、Glenfaclas 50年威士忌及Brora 37年威士忌等。


我在The Scotch Whisky Experience亦參加了由Glenfaclas品牌大使Ian McWilliam親自介紹的威士忌晚宴,試了4 Glenfaclas威士忌,包括12年、15年、21年及25年。Glenfaclas是少有至今仍屬於家族私人擁有威士忌蒸餾廠,現在由第5及第6代管理,由1805年至今只用100%西班牙雪梨桶陳年威士忌,喜歡雪梨桶威士忌的朋友一定喜歡它。每年生產約350萬支威士忌,只有34名正式員工,真的勁有效率! 在垂直試酒的好處是可以讓你試到威士忌隨著年齡的增長所帶出的變化,尤其當Glenfaclas的威士忌全都以100%雪梨桶,這個變化更容易感受。Glenfaclas 12年帶拖肥、提子乾、蜜糖、礦物及少少香料,十分平易近人。而4支要我只可以揀1支的話,我當然會揀25年,非常順滑而層次複習,帶橙花、蜜餞、合桃、香料、提子乾、橡木、朱古力等味,餘韻極長。雖然有很多人說好飲的威士忌不一定要看年份,但我真心覺得年份高的威士忌一定好飲。