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There are always two things happening in my backyard that would remind me the coming of summer. One is the return of the early swallows, and the second is the flowering of the Frangipani trees.


Frangipani, a.k.a Pagoda tree, is originated in Mexico. It is the prettiest flowering plants in the tropics, with typical flowering season of 4 months, and extend to 7 in Hong Kong.


Every April or May, we see the flower of frangipani tree blooming and their scent flourishing. Neighbors would pick the flower home, sun-dry it and boil them with water as they dispel wind and remove dampness in the intestine. The “Five Flower Tea” we often see in herbal tea shops, actually encompasses the flower of Frangipani tree. It is cool in nature and sweet in flavor. It returns to the large intestine and stomach channel, and is effective in moistening the lungs, disinhibiting dampness, clearing heat and lubricating the intestine. According to “Lingnan Herbal Picking Compendium”, it cures dampness, dysentery, tenesmus, moistens the lung and detoxify the body.


Once I chatted an old lady, who let me help picking up the flowers of Frangipani tree on the ground. She uttered that, “the flower is to be steamed and then sun-dried, then boiled with green tea. It disperses summer heat and eliminate dampness in your body.” Why should we steam it in advanced? “Because the process removes the spots on flowers that lifted on ground.” She explained


The rainy season often leads to poor appetite. So I would like to share two drinks here which are delicious and effective in removing dampness.


The first one is the “Iced Frangipani Green Tea” which is taught by the old lady.


The second one is “Bitter Frangipani” which is one of the healthy cocktails designed by sohofama - Immersed dried frangipani in gin for 4 months then add other ingredients.


I wish you all good health!


Frangipani can disinhibit dampness and clear heat. It remedies fever and jaundice, diarrhea, dysentery, urinary calcalus, and prevent heat stroke.Green tea contains more than 450 kinds of organic compounds and more than 15 kinds of inorganic minerals. It aids losing weight, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is anti-carcinogenic, anti-virus and boosts longevity.


Frangipani Green Tea:

2 oz organic green tea

2 oz Frangipani tea 

Local honey (optional)

Fresh lemon juice (optional)


Bitter Frangipani:

1.5 oz Frangipani gin (Infuse Frangipani in gin for 4 months) 

0.5 oz Campari

0.5 oz fresh lime juice

1oz fresh grapefruit juice

Little local honey

Little orange bitter





緬梔其實就是常見的雞蛋花, 原產美洲墨西哥, 熱帶地區開花最美麗的多肉植物,每年花期達四個月以上。在香港花期更差不多長逹七個多月,而在我家外正正有一棵大大的雞蛋花樹。



有一次與婆婆閒聊,她讓我幫忙執拾地上的雞蛋花, 她一邊執拾一邊自說;雞蛋花呢,要拿去隔水蒸,蒸完後曬乾,加綠茶煲水喝,夏天喝又消暑且能去濕,好好飲架!我心裡面立即有個疑問,為何要蒸呢?原來落地後的雞蛋花會有些黑點影響外觀,拿去蒸後黑點就會消失。心裡真的佩服,又長知識了。






第二款是為Sohofama 設計的其中一款健康雞尾酒「Bitter Frangipani」——將曬乾雞蛋花浸入氈酒4個月,加入其他材料製成的雞尾酒。








2 oz 有機綠茶

2 oz 雞蛋花茶

本地蜂蜜 (optional)

鮮檸檬汁 (optional)


Bitter Frangipani:

1.5oz雞蛋花杜松子酒(將雞蛋花浸杜松子酒 四個月)

0.5 oz Campari酒

0.5 oz 鮮青檸汁

1 oz 鮮西柚汁

少許 本地蜂蜜

少許 橙苦精