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Life Inspiring IQ Bar advocates
new drinking culture for Centralites 

創造力量同幻想  IQ Bar激盪生活靈感

Hemingway said: "I drink to make other people interesting." This may not be what you expect people to say in a bar at the boozy Lan Kwai Fong. However when you settle in IQ Bar, which was opened last December in the heart of LKF, you probably feel like being surrounded by artists who have great minds, though enjoying a mind-blowing signature cocktail at the same time which get you in the right mood without getting you drunk. This is how IQ bar advocates the new attitude of drinking!


Alexender Prus, the Russian chef of IQ bar who has been staying HK for sixteen years is highly aware the drinking culture in the city. "Over the past decade Lan Kwai Fong was changing, towards an unhealthy way." He commented. The concept behind IQ bar is to gather smart people here with positive vibes, sharing thoughts, laughs, inspiration and healthy yet delighting food&drink. 

Just like the exquisite cafes and the extraordinary bistro in Europe, IQ bar is a perfect alcoholic antidote for chilling. The venue covers two floors and is divided into three zones. Downstairs is the bar area with busy industrial chic surrounds and neon lighting that features clashing pink and yellows. There are various shapes and colours of glasses hanging upside down just above the bar table, behind is an array of bottles with various combination of spirits and edible ingredients immersed. "We focus on originality, so each cocktail here in IQ Bar is uniquely made, using the base that hand crafted, some even aged in oak barrels within the bar. We create cocktails with the principle of innovation, and not fear of making kitschy gimmicks with the hope that our guests would enjoy the unique experience and even get inspired. We believe that each cocktail has its own character, so we serve each of them in unique glasses that never duplicate!"

Alcohol could not coexist with health? In fact, the concept of healthy drinking has been quite popular around the globe, and Hong Kong is far lagged behind. IQ Bar is therefore one of the pioneers in the city. "We stress on healthy drinking, so we don’t use any sugar but fructose in all of our ingredients. Fructose helps remove alcohol from the body, so you would no longer getting hangover easily or having a headache the morning after."

The upper area is more offstage where private parties, celebration and gathering were often held. The area is divided into sub-zones, namely ice and fire, with distinguished ambience and menu. The ice zone focuses on seafood pursuing the gastronomic style of Scandinavian or Ísland. The latter resembles the ambience of fire, combining the food style of Southern France, Spain and Australia.

海明威說過︰「我喝酒是為了讓其他人變得有趣。」走進蘭桂坊一家酒吧,你應該不會預期聽到這種醒世良言吧。去年底於蘭桂坊鬧市開幕的IQ Bar,一反蒲吧不理好醜只求爛醉的劈酒文化,大膽地以「有趣」及「健康」作招徠,企圖為市井劈場注入一點文化氣息,在欠缺內涵的大環境中催生飲酒新態度!

來港已十六年俄羅斯大廚Alexender Prus,對這個城市的飲食與酒吧文化瞭如指掌︰「過去十年蘭桂坊在逐漸轉變,並朝著不健康的方向發展。」IQ Bar的創辦理念是匯聚有智慧的人,在這裡找尋不一樣的生活靈感。

要為生活增添靈感?就像歐洲那些精緻清新的咖啡館和格調非凡的小酒館,舒適的環境是先決條件。整間店佔地兩層,分為三個區域,樓下主要是酒吧區,長長的吧檯上形形色色的酒杯倒掛著,檯後一瓶瓶浸泡著不同物料的烈酒整齊地排開,原來都是自家製。年輕有型的女酒保表示︰「我們重視原創和玩味。IQ Bar每一款雞尾酒都是獨一無二的,你看到瓶中浸著各式各樣食材的基酒,都是自家人手製作用來調配雞尾酒,因此這裡的雞尾酒變化很多。在創作上我們勇於大膽嘗試,以生活作為靈感,希望客人品嚐後能體會當中的意念,甚至獲得啟發。我們相信每一杯創作都有其個性,因此每款酒我們都以不同的酒杯盛載!」

有人認為飲酒跟健康不能並存。其實健康飲酒的概念在外國已頗為流行,香港則仍在起步階段。IQ Bar在這方面可說是本港的先鋒之一。「我們強調飲得健康,因此所有用作製作雞尾酒的材料都不含砂糖,而是採用果糖。果糖能夠幫助身體排出酒精,即使飲多了翌日都不會頭痛。」


Vintage Porto Ranco

配Duo salad with Mascarpone, Chives, Cherval, Mango,
Coconut, Coriander Mango ge

Grand Reserva Rum and 10 year vintage Port with a perfect portion of chocolate bitter bitters, matured in small oak barrel for 24 days. The glass to be served is dipped in chocolate reduction in advanced, which adds sweet harmonious bitterness to the smooth texture. This goes well and highlights the sophisticated layers with the duo expressions of crab meat.

以Grand Reserva 冧酒及10年陳砵酒為基調,加入適量朱古力苦精,置於店內的小型橡木桶中陳釀24天,更有趣的是酒杯預先蘸上朱古力醬,甜香與些甘苦互相融和,再跟觧味十足蟹肉搭配,層次豐富。



Lost in Hong Kong

配Green Tea Smoked Salmon with Gin & Jasmine Jelly, Carrot & Orange mousse

Twisted Long Island in which four spirits are macerated with distinguished ingredients - oolong tea and gin, orange in vodka, pepper in tequila, and kaffir lime leaves in rum. The mixture is then topped with Hibiscus, pomegranate juice, sugar-free cranberry and raspberry syrup (made of fructose). The flavor is complex which resembles the founder’s impression of Hong Kong. The fruitiness and freshness cut through the oil in salmon and resonates with jasmine gel.

Long Island的變奏,當中每種用作調配的烈酒都預先浸泡不同的材料——烏龍茶與毡酒、香橙浸伏特加、花椒浸龍舌蘭酒、檸檬葉浸冧酒,再加入洛神花、石榴汁及果糖製作的小紅莓味及樹莓味糖漿,滋味複雜,其靈感來自Alex初來港時對香港的複雜印象,其果香進一步將三文魚及茉莉花啫喱的清新感提升。



Big Buddha Old Fashioned

配Iberico Bellota Curred Ham 36 months

The base is vanilla Bourbon and white oak single malt. A variety of bitters and Buddha fruits reduction are added. The cocktail is presented in a rock glass with Buddha statue floating on clouds, which is actually the smoke generated by burning rosewood and the cocktail is perfectly paired with 36-month-aged Iberico Bellota. "wine and meat through the intestines, Buddha care."


Address 地址︰ 

Shop 27A, G/F, Winner Buliding , 27-37 D'aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central


Contact 聯絡︰3565 6616

Opening Hours 營業時間︰MON to THUR 12:00-02:00, FRI to SUN 12:00-03:00