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Founder of Taiwan Single Malt Club (T.S.M.C.) who had visited the whisky producing areas in Scotland, America and Japan. Being a guest lecturer from time to time, he dedicates himself in promoting the education of whisky and a correct drinking mentality.


T.S.M.C. 台灣單一麥芽俱樂 部創辦人,走訪蘇格蘭、美 國、日本等威士忌產區,不定 期受邀擔任客座講師,著重威 士忌推廣教育以及正確的品飲 心態。

Colors and Flavors 色澤與風味

Drinkers in Asian market tend to prefer whisky with rich color and full body. This is also the case in Taiwan, where Sherry butt... 


What does it mean by Organic? 有機比較好?

When we talk about the term "organic", we have common impressions and thoughts – it gets rid of any pesticides and chemical fertilizers and is more environment-friendly, it often command a higher price but the crop may not look as good as normal one. It tastes better... 



The First Taiwanese Peated Whisky is Born 臺灣首款泥煤瘋

Following the remarkable sales of Nantou Winery’s Omar Black Queen Wine Barrel Finish, Nantou has launched another megahit of Taiwan’s first peated whisky in June. It has again surged up a scrambling wave of sales... 


南投酒廠暨黑后葡萄酒桶熱銷後,於六月份推出最新力作臺灣首款泥煤麥芽威士忌再次創造搶購熱潮,首發共裝15桶威士忌,合計總共裝瓶約 3000瓶左右,以單一桶原酒方式裝瓶銷售,上市便於短短數小時內銷售一空...

The Competition of Private Casks 包桶的競爭

 The fad of private cask is booming in Taiwan. The demand is from everywhere… whisky associations, corporate, whisky retail shop, individual, etc. There are some private casks allowing customized label design which are extremely demanding which were even put out to tender. 



Norse mythology – The Highland Park 高原騎士 - 北歐神話

The highly sought-after Highland Park Valhalla FIRE Edition, which is the last expression of the series, was finally launched in Taiwan. The FIRE Edition is named after Sutr who was once the ruler of Muspelheim in the Norse mythology. The whisky is encased in specially commissioned crimson glass bottle which symbolizes the Kingdom of fire as well as the doom and the reborn of the World in the Viking myth.


許多高原騎士鐵粉引頸期盼的Valhalla英靈神殿系列最後一款FIRE Edition終於在臺灣上市,而FIRE Edition是以北歐神話中,統治慕斯貝爾海姆 (Muspelheim) 的火焰巨人蘇爾特爾 (Surtr) 所命名,並且特製深紅色玻璃瓶,象徵維京神話中如滾燙熔岩般炙熱的火焰王國外,也同時演繹北歐神話中世界的毀滅與重生。

The Islay Craze 艾雷瘋

There are two recently released whiskies from the Islay which aroused hot discussion among Taiwanese whisky circle, namely Bunnahabhain Mòine Oloroso Cask Strength and Ardbeg Kelpie 2017 Committee Edition. The focusing points of these two whiskies, however, are quite different. The Bunnahabhain mainly deals with the peat and this latest expression of Ardbeg is about rarity. Of course, the comments on both of them are also very polarized.


最近兩款都來自艾雷島的威士忌可以說是紅遍臺灣威士忌的酒友圈,分別是 Bunnahabhain Mòine Oloroso Cask Strength 以及 Ardbeg Kelpie 2017 Committee Edition,這兩款讓人爭相討論的亮點不同,Bunnahabhain 主打泥煤雪莉風味,而 Ardbeg是一年一度的 Committee限量版,當然這兩款好壞評價也是非常的兩極化。

Connoisseurs’ Pick - BOX distillery 專家之選 BOX蒸餾廠

Thanks to the introduction by well-known whisky expert Mr. Yao Hecheng (Kingfisher), Swedish single malt whisky BOX has drew attention in Taiwan recently. But what is the point to introduce BOX single malt whisky?


來自瑞典 BOX單一麥芽威士忌近期在臺灣相當備受矚目,而備受矚目的原因雖然有一部分是因為臺灣知名威士忌專家姚和成先生代理引進,但對於這一部分而言,我們倒不如去思考為什麼姚和成先生會選擇引進 BOX 單一麥芽威士忌。

The difference between Bourbon 美國波本的差異

In the process of understanding and learning whisky, Bourbon whiskey from the US is easy to identify with its gorgeous aromas and sweet palate. All these come from not only the ingredients constitute to the mash bill and the distillation approach, but also the use of the new American oak barrel, which is in fact a key factor in determining the final flavor profile.



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