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First a wine lover, and then a whisky fan.


A friend of mine who claimed to be a “heavyweight drinker” recently made a breakthrough – she got drunk and puked in front of friends and the bartender, after just four glasses of cocktails.

一位號稱千杯不醉的好友最近破功了——聞說是一連飲了四杯Cocktail,竟然在酒吧當場嘔吐兼喪失意識,讓同行酒友及現場相熟的Bartender 也不禁錯愕了。

The Charm of Sake Label

It is serendipity that I come across with Sake recently. First I was invited to attend the SAKE DAY hosted by Hong Kong Wine & Spirits Writers Association ...


近來跟清酒有緣。首先是獲邀出席香港酒評人協會的SAKE DAY,雖說是小規模品酒會,但參加者倒不少,短短一個多小時品嚐了現場十七款酒。主辦單位更特意分為四個區域,分別以... 

'The Notorious’ Whiskey

Napoleon Bonaparte once said,”Champagne! In victory, one deserves it.” Then what do we need to toast for defeat? Probably whiskey...


拿破侖曾說,勝利的時候要飲香檳慶祝,那失敗該飲甚麼?原來是威士忌。 當然,那只是一場早已立於不敗之地的精采演出, 所以大家都見到當那位UFC 世界冠軍... 

Gin has Free Style?

Silence for years MC Jin appeared in a Mainland program to perform his FREESTYLE RAP which stunned all the audience. When he came back in HK and...


沉寂多年的 MC Jin 矇面出現內地節目,以 FREESTYLE RAP 三寸不爛之饒舌技驚十三億聽眾,人 氣像脫軌的過山車,衣錦榮歸後隨便在銅鑼灣街頭露兩 口,都引來成千... 

Not Aloe but Agave

Earlier, a local media published the news “Liu Xiaobo has proved cancer” as “Funny news”. It was really a shame. In Mainland we are never lack of funny news! 



It not rum, then what?

Whisky fans may have comments about Sparrow’s mantra “Why is the rum gone?” So why is it be rum ? Because the Caribbean in which he inhabits, is abundant in sugar cane and therefore rum production.


Why is the rum gone? 對於威士忌迷來說,應該對 Sparrow 船長的口頭 禪有點意見。點解 Jack Sparrow 飲的是 Rum ?原因很簡單。加勒比是他 的地頭,而當地盛產甘蔗和冧酒。

What is your first thought of cocktail? We seems have a stereotype that cocktails are always accompanied by creative ideas. However, I realized, after talking with Angus Winchester, the global Ambassador of Tanqueray, that most of today’s “creative” cocktails were simply crap considered by some well-experienced bartenders!


你對雞尾酒的印象是甚麼?不知從何時植根於腦的概念,雞尾酒總伴隨著 一些新奇古怪的念頭,沒有創意的還能叫雞尾酒嗎?不過,最近筆者在訪 問中,有幸聽到 Tanqueray 大使 Angus Winchester 語出驚人,說當今大 部分以「創意」作招徠的雞尾酒,根本難以入口!

Zavva Shots

How to blend various stuffs together harmoniously, in fact, is more important than you imagine. It applies to our society, and to cocktails as well.

Since the establishment of Malt&Spirits, we have uncountable exposure to cocktails – we have visited many cocktail bars; witnessed the birth of champion in major bartending competitions; and even conducted interviews with world-class bartenders in person. What really touched me is not only the surprise given by those bold cocktails, but the extraordinary minds and passion behind which give birth to all those creations.



自 Malt&Spirits 創刊,半年來可說是眼界大開——親身到 訪過不少雞尾酒酒吧;見證了各大品牌的調酒比賽的冠軍 誕生;訪問過世界級的調酒師。當中最有感受的,不是那 些外表新奇、味道充滿驚喜的創意之作,而是作品背後的 那些非凡的頭腦、大膽的實踐,更重要的是他們對雞尾酒 的熱情、專注和堅持。

Ping Shan “Poon Choi & “Nine Big Dishes” 屏山盆菜+九大簋

Recently there are some posters made by Government, which emphasizing the hazard of alcohol, and claiming that it harmed social stability. As I am just doing some research for the topic of “Social Responsibility”, it is really annoying to me about the anti-intellectual thinking of the Government.


最近在街上看到政府的宣傳廣告,內容是呼籲市民小心 酒精危害健康,甚至影響社會安全云云;適逢筆者也為 「Social Responsibility」一考題做功課,更覺政府機械式 的政治正確愈見反智。

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