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Gin has Free Style?

Silence for years MC Jin appeared in a Mainland program to perform his FREESTYLE RAP which stunned all the audience. When he came back in HK and made a casual rap show in downtown, it drew huge attention from crowds. So was there something we didn’t really appreciate or anything we saw was just a fever?

In the drink business, we have “gin” with similar fate. Since the rising of Vodka, the popularity of gin slipped until recent recovery. Last year, gin has recorded a sales of 40 million bottles and over 1 billion pounds in value, in which the 16% annual growth rate outstripped all other categories in the business. Therefore 2016 was recognized as “the year of Gin” by the drink industry!

Coincidentally, Gin is the kind of spirit which values much on “Freestyle”. Unlike other spirits, there is almost no constrain in raw materials. A gin maker is actually free to mix what he/she likes to make the most popular Gin, or ... a gin that no one may appreciate. Therefore gin has virtually no physical boundaries. You can make gin in anywhere and in any style!

So, when you go to a new place do not try to find local WHISKY, RUM or TEQUILA (because there are only few countries which produce them), but try to look for the gin which made locally - may be infused with seaweed, tea , ot even truffle! WHY NOT?

So let me introduce some jaw dropping gin here:

1. LoneWolf Gin

Beer giants BrewDog made their first gin flavoured with botanicals including lemongrass, Kaffir lime leaves and Lavender.

2. Tarquin’s Hopster Gin

If you like beer, Tarquin’s Hopster Gin might be an interesting one to try.

This gin which launched last year, is a collaboration with Sharp’s Brewery, in which three different hops have been used in the distillation process.

3. Jinzu

In 2014, Jinzu was launched in Japan, which infused very Japanese elements including cherry blossom, yuzu, and of course Sake! It was the winning spirit in Diageo’s Show your Spirit competition.

4. Martin Miller’s 9 Moons Gin

The gin is aged in barrel for 9 months following a cut with Icelandic spring water. What a gimmick.

5. Cruxland Gin

It’s real. This gin from South Africa is infused with Kalahari truffles and other rare botanicals such as Rooibos tea, honeybush and even almonds, but of course truffles if the hightlight. 

Gin也有Free Style?


沉寂多年的 MC Jin 矇面出現內地節目,以 FREESTYLE RAP 三寸不爛之饒舌技驚十三億聽眾,人 氣像脫軌的過山車,衣錦榮歸後隨便在銅鑼灣街頭露兩 口,都引來成千群眾圍睹,究竟是過往我們不識貨,抑 或潮流勝過一切呢?

其實在酒界的 Gin,也有類似的命運。自從 Vodka 稱雄 後,Gin 的人氣一度滑落,直至近年又再度活躍起來。 去年,英國 Gin 酒銷量攀昇至 4,000 萬瓶, 16% 年增長 率冠絕酒界所有品類,而銷售額更首度超越 10 億英磅! 因此 2016 年也被酒界公認為 Gin 之年!

巧合的是,Gin 酒之間一直也在比拼 Freestyle。不像 於其他葡萄酒或烈酒,它沒有指的定原材料,釀造者大 可根據自己個性自由混合各種材料,釀造出最受歡迎的 Gin,又或者...沒人敢喝的 Gin。因此 Gin 幾乎沒有國界 限制,任何地方都可以釀造屬於自己 STYLE 的 GIN,絕 對是最多可能性的烈酒!

因此,當你去到一個未去過的地方,不用嘗試找當地的 WHISKY、RUM 或者 TEQUILA( 因為世上只有少數地區 出產 ),而是去問一下當地會用甚麼造 GIN——可能是海藻、 茶葉,甚至松露! WHY NOT ?

以下為大家介紹幾款極有個性的 GIN,看看你有沒有被 嚇到?

1. LoneWolf Gin

啤酒界巨頭 BrewDog 首度嘗試釀造 GIN, 除了尋常的 草本植物,還使用了香茅、青檸葉和薰衣草。

2. Tarquin’s Hopster Gin

如果你喜歡啤酒,選擇不只一個。這款去年推出的 GIN 是 Tarquin’s 與 Sharp’s Brewery 的合作成果,在蒸餾 過程中使用了三種不同的啤酒花!

3. Jinzu

2014 年日本推出的 Jinzu,加入了多種很能代表日本的元 素,包括櫻花和柚子,當然最重要的是混合了清酒!它曾 贏得帝亞吉歐 Show your Spirit 烈酒獎。

4. Martin Miller’s 9 Moons Gin

在酒桶中陳年了 9 個月,再混以冰島泉水的 GIN,夠噱頭 嗎?

5. Cruxland Gin

真的!真的用南非 Kalahari 松露釀的 GIN。它還包括其 他少見的材料如南非國寶如意寶茶、蜜餞和杏仁,不過 當然搶不了松露的風頭。