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Kit Cheung is a young heavyweight in the world of bartending and F&B, packing a hefty 15 years of experience at just 33. He is the founder of Spirit of Spirit Bartending Academy which aim is to train the next generation of local bartenders while promoting a healthy and fun cocktail culture. As if this isn’t enough, he is also the Bar Consultant for Sohofama and Ozu, responsible for the management and cocktail menu creation for both venues.

於香港及歐洲調酒及飲食 業打滾超過十五年,現任 Sohofama 及 Ozu 酒吧顧問。 創辦 Spirit of Spirit 調酒學院 致力培訓本地薑調酒師,推廣 健康雞尾酒文化,希望人人飲 好酒!

Gin & Tonic 氈與通寧

Gin & Tonic, a simple, classic cocktail known by my people. It seems simple to make, but actually hard to excel. This simple cocktail reflects...

Gin & Tonic,一款簡單、非常經典,而多人認識的一款 cocktail,調製上看似簡單,但調製一杯好的Gin & Tonic其實並不容易...

Hot Ginger Toddy

I have been frequently asked in my class what my favorite whisky was. In fact, there are so many whisky I appreciate. In terms of region, for instance, I am open to all Scotch, Bourbon and Japanese whisky, whether it is single malt or blended. However, I would say Bourbon...


Orange Peel Wine Liqueur 陳皮酒

I believe to every bartender, orange liqueur is one of the most common ingredients due to its existence of orange liqueur in many classic cocktails. Not only has it characteristic sweet orange flavors, but also it can boost and release the flavors of other base liqueur...

講起調酒我相信每位調酒師開始除了認識每種基酒外, 最常碰見的一定是橙酒。因為他常常都會在我們調酒師需要認識及常見的經典調酒當中擔當一個重要角色。他不但能擁有自己的甘甜香橙的味道...

Elderflower Daiquiri 接骨木花力嬌酒

There may be endless varieties of Daiquiri but get some good rum and you can't beat the beautiful simplicity of the original. This time Kit Cheung, the star bartender is going to shake you a delicate elderflower-flavor cocktail with Barcardi rum and aromatic thyme...

 Daiquiri 是最傳統的雞尾酒之一,但是透過選擇不同的材料組合,可以變化出無窮無盡的味道,而關鍵之一是冧酒的選擇。Bartender Kit 今次教大家巧用Barcardi 配合淡淡幽香的接骨木花力嬌酒, 調製出女仕仲夏醉愛...

Ginger, dried tangerine peel and straw grass are collectively known as the three treasures of Guangdong. Ginger, which is available in many countries, belongs to Zingiberaceae family. They are harvested in autumn and winter, and are ready-for-use after the roots being removed and then sliced...

老薑,陳皮,禾稈草 合稱廣東三寶。老薑為薑科植物,各地各國均有出產,秋天, 冬天二季採挖, 除去薑嘅鬚根,切片生用...

Frangipani 雞蛋花

There are always two things happening in my backyard that would remind me the coming of summer. One is the return of the early swallows, and the second is the flowering of the Frangipani trees.


Honey in Cocktail 蜂蜜雞尾酒

Since I studied Chinese-style cocktails, I would like to know more about Chinese wine infusion, local crops and local ingredients, and promoting local and healthy drinking culture through Chinese cocktails. One of those local ingredients is the nourishing natural food - honey.

自從研究中式雞尾酒之後,對於中式釀酒和運用本地農作物及食材更想有深入認識, 想多點運用本地材料創作雞尾酒及透過中式雞尾酒來推廣健康飲酒文化。而其中一種就是營養豐富的滋補天然食品 - 蜂蜜。

Sharing the Wisdom 分享智慧

At the moment I wrote this, I have just completed the three-month season of my Bartender course. As I always did, I would conclude the precious memories and share with my students at the end of each semester. What I really want to share is not only knowledge, but my personal experience and story so that they can learn from the wisdom.



Rice Wine 黃酒

Rice Wine (or Yellow Wine) is one of the oldest fermented alcoholic beverages in the world. This Chinese wine is made of grains like rice and corn. There are a number of types of Chinese wine but it is the Shaoxing rice wine which is the oldest and most interesting

黃酒(Rice Wine或Yellow Wine)是世界其中一種最古老的發酵釀造酒,源自於中國,它的主要材料為大米及粟米等殼物料,品種雖然繁多,但當中要數鵰酒歷史最悠久,亦最富有特色。

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