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Louis has been an instructor for WSET Level 1 to 3 since 2003. His teaching experiences extend to mainland China and Macao. He has become the first BIVB Official Bourgogne Educator in Hong Kong since 2011 and has been judging for crucial competitions all over the world such as IWSC.


He was invited by Jerez Consejo Regulador to the educator programme and became an Official Sherry Educator in 2013. He has received training from Speyside Festival Whisky School, Scotch Whisky Training School and Scotch Whisky Research Institute SWRI and became the Ambassador of SMWS Scotch Malt Whisky Society Hong Kong in 2015.


從 2003 年起 Louis 已是 WSET 三級葡萄酒課程認可導師,更伸 延至內地及澳門。2011 年他成為全港第一位勃根地勃根地葡萄酒 協特許導師,亦經常獲邀擔任國際重要賽事包括 IWSC 之評審。


2013 年 Louis 獲西班牙雪利酒局邀請到當地培訓,通過考試成為 雪利酒學院導師;他亦曾於蘇格蘭接受多項威士忌研究及教育培 訓,於 2015 年獲 SMWS 委任為香港區大使。

The First Whisky License in Japan 日本第一個威士忌釀造牌照

Eigashima, which has a century-old history, is located in Akashi, Hyogo. It was the first party in Japanese to receive distillery license in 1919, at that point while Yamazaki was not yet established. The region was nurtured with clean water source and rich in growing high quality rice...



The Extraordinary Hibiki 非同凡響

Shinjirou Torii, the founder of Suntory, has contributed hugely in the development of blended whisky. In 1989, the 90th anniversary of the company, Suntory released the first HIbiki range, with their outstanding technique and aspiration...


三得利Suntory酒廠的「響」已生產廿多年,一直廣受歡迎,甚至有時已經忘掉原來是Blended調和威士忌。由創辦人鳥井信治郎發展的調和技術是有目共睹,於1989年即鳥井信治郎創立酒業90週年紀念 ,三得利以最優秀技術和追求最高品味精神,推出「響」調和威士忌系列...

The long story of Suntory Highball Suntory Highball 威足半世紀

Highball is a kind of cocktail which often based on those common drinks such as Gin&Tonic, Vodka&Tonic, Scotch&Soda with the addition of ice and then diluted by non-alcoholic beverage. It was highly popular in bars of Golf Club in England, and was extremely nice served as an aperitif after the game and before the meal.

Highball屬一種雞尾酒,以酒精作基礎,然後加入冰塊,再注入非酒精飲品作稀釋, 最平常例子莫過於Gin and Tonic, Vodka and Tonic, Scotch and Soda等交際型飲品,通常是餐前聊天,來一杯清爽而酒精度不高的飲料.早在英國高爾夫球會酒吧, 很流行highball飲品, 在球會裡 ”ball” 是指威士忌, “high” 是指高身酒杯, 打完球後呷一口, 心曠神怡, 威士忌梳打就這樣流行起來.

The Bonding between TOASHUZO and Ichiro 東亞酒造與伊知郎的微妙關係

It sounds quite romantic for such an archaeological process which give re-born to The Lost Distillery Whisky, which trace the DNA of the flavor profile of mothballed distilleries a century ago through the study of archive, literature and interpretation. The project is reminiscent of the movie "Jurassic Park", fortunately they are not going to engrave any dinosaurs but whisky, which is charming and won’t give you a bite.

The Lost Distillery Company 透過考察、文獻及研究,追溯已經關廠一世紀的威士忌風味 DNA,復刻再推出,聽上去,其實是挺浪漫的考古過程。不過,立時聯想起電影「侏羅紀公園」,還好的是,他們要復刻的不是恐龍,而是威士忌,不咬人,且十分迷人。

The gemstone underneath Mt. Fuji Fuji-Gotemba Single Grain 富士山下的寶藏-御殿場單一穀物

Fuji-Gotemba Distillery, which has Japan's largest distillation plant, was established in 1973 and is belonged to Kirin Group. It is a few of distilleries in Japan which has its own bottling line and cooperage. The main production is the “Fuji Sanroku" series and other blended ranges. The quality is good but not outstanding, a good value of money.


富士御殿場蒸餾所成立於 1973 年,屬於Kirin麒麟集團旗下,是日本最大型蒸餾所,而且是小數蒸餾所同時擁有灌瓶生產線和自製酒桶場地。酒廠主要生產是「富士山麓」系列及其他混調威士忌,論品質來說普普通通,不屬於精品,可是價錢大眾化,以量產為基礎。

The Bewitched Ji-Whisky - Sasanokawa 笹之川 Ji-Whisky的魔力

In 2000, TOASHUZO sold its Hanyu distillery and all products to SASANOKAWA SHUZO because of financial crisis. However, Ichiro later buy-back the his grandfather’s heritage from SASANOKAWA and re-packaged as “Ichiro’s Malt”, which has made unprecedented success in the market.


Toashuzo東亞酒造在二千年面對財改困難,不得不放棄其威士忌生產部門羽生蒸餾所,把所有產品賣給 Sasanokawa shuzo 笹之川酒造,後來伊知郎再從笹之川手上買回祖父羽生出品,以Ichiro's Malt系列從新包裝推出市場,竟然空前成功,可以說句「時也命也」。

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