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M A R K   L U I

Savouring Beauty Behind the Story

雷頌德 細味美好背後

Renowned Cantopop composer and producer Mark Lui has expanded his creative zone continuously in the recent decade. With the application of Mark’s wonderful ideas, he has participated in numerous projects from different categories including fashion, watches, guitars and even interior design of business offices. I believe Mark has high expectation and thoughts on the pursuit of creativity and lifestyle. His most recent work is the launch of “Stylish Hong Kong”, a photo album which collects a number of shots about the most special and stylish scenes of Hong Kong from his view.Through his introduction of the photobook, we can understand the view of Hong Kong and the passion for innovation of this creative man.

His view on Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the most familiar place for you and me, we almost spend every day to live at this tiny place with fast-paced life. With the bustle spirit of Hong Kong people, it is difficult for them to recognize each district, each street and each corner of the city. Same as a busy Hong Kong people, Mark is even busier than most of us that he is willing to spend more time to discover the specialty of Hong Kong, “ This photo album aims to allow more people to recognize the neglected beauty of Hong Kong. As a local person, I will use the angle of the enjoyment of Hong Kong lifestyle to capture her multiple faces. The interesting thing is everyone feels familiar with the scenes and even see them with many times. In order to show these familiar scenes with a unique feeling is the main message I want to demonstrate on this photobook.”

Mark has been to different places in terms of work and travel, but Hong Kong is still his most favourable place. As the advantages of her vibrant, diversed and high-efficient spirits are irreplaceable by other places, “The Hong Kong lifestyle is vivid and interesting. I can buy some stuffs conveniently because some stores still operate at night. I can enjoy a stunning Chinese lunch in one district, on the other hand I can still dine at an exquisite European restaurant with refined wine easily. Actually the living in Hong Kong is not as restrictive as other cities, you can do whatever you want. With the opulent innovation and high efficiency of Hong Kong people, it is very easy to produce high quality things in this great city. The lifestyle of Hong Kong helps me to participate the things I want to achieve, without restrict any idea, and therefore, I can unleash my creativity in other areas besides music. ” Mark claimed he was very fortunate to grow and work at this multifaceted and free city, so he hopes there will be more people to cherish this little but thriving place.

The Reasons Behind the Creative Design

During 90s and 00s, this talented producer has used most of his time and effort to develop his music career. In fact, he is willing to do any things that relate to art and design, “I like drawing and architecture design. If there is a thought in my mind, I will pay my whole devotion to achieve it. As I have lots of demands on pursuing my lifestyle, lots of creation must be involved. Whenever there are new things appear in front of me, which arouse my curiosity and desire for knowledge, then I will be more committed to have my work done in any better ways.” Photo-shooting is the hobby of this innovative designer in recent years, which was influenced by his friends, “Once my friend shot me some great magazine photos with a distinct mood, which were not as similar with my usual magazine photos. I was curious to know how to photo-shoot with such an effect like his skills, and started to understand that photo-shooting was full of mystery and knowledge. Afterward, I ask for the advices from the friends who is talented at photo-shooting, and then I practiced to shoot with human first, and shoot with scenes and objects later. ” Everyone can be very enthusiastic on doing something, but only a few of them can act like Mark who can finish any work perfectly with great perseverance. Besides enthusiasm, determination and meticulous attitude are the main factors for his success.

著名流行歌曲創作人雷頌德(Mark)近十年不斷擴展他的創作領域,將自己的設計想法發揮在不同範疇,包括時裝、手錶、結他,甚至商業辦公室的室內設計項目,相信Mark對追求創意和生活的態度都有自己的想法和求。他的最新創意作品是推出一本名為「Stylish Hong Kong」的相集,拍攝了多張他認為最特別,最有味道的香港景色。透過介紹相集來讓我們了解這位諗頭多的創作者眼中的香港和其創作的熱誠。



Mark曾經到過不同的地方工作和旅行,但香港依然是他的最愛地方。原因是喜歡她活力、多變化、高效率的優點,是很多地方無法代替:「香港生活真的多姿多彩,店舖可以營業至夜晚,變相我在這個時段想買東西很方便。在同一區內我可以在中午吃一頓好吃的中菜,同時可以在精美西餐餐舘,以晚餐配紅酒也非常容易。其實生活在香港沒有像其他城市那麼多限制,你可以做甚麼就做甚麼。加上香港人創意豐富和效率高,所以係好容易做到高quality的東西。這樣的生活文化有助勇於去做自己想做的東西,唔會局限自己想法,令我除了音樂還可以在其他方面發揮創意。」在多元化和自由的城市成長和工作, Mark直言非常幸運,所以希望更多人珍惜這細小但繁華的地方。


在九十、零零年代, Mark他花了不少心血發展音樂,但其實只要是有關藝術和設計的東西,他都喜歡嚐試:「我喜歡畫畫、建築設計,如果腦海中有種想法便盡自己所能把它實現,我對追求的生活有很多要求,所以一定涉及多種創作。每當新的東西可以激起我的好奇和求知慾,然後令我更投入去做。」而拍照是Mark近年的嗜好,當初受到朋友影響而愛上:「有次朋友拍攝雜誌相片時將我影得很有Feel,與自己平時的相片效果不同,令我產生好奇想知道怎樣拍出這個感覺,自此才知道拍照很有奧妙和學問,於是便開始向懂得攝影的朋友虛心請教,然後開始拍攝人,之後培養拍攝景物的嗜好。」每個人做每一樣東西都可以很有熱誠,但很少人可以像Mark可以持之以恆地為事情建立得很完善,除了熱誠之外,相信決心、認真態度都是他成功的要素。