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Martin Eber, a long-time whisky enthusiast originally from Sydney (now living in Hong Kong) founded TimeforWhisky. com in 2012 along with his wife Stephanie – a website dedicated to covering the whisky scene in Asia and Australia. Martin has since gone on to host whisky tastings, write for a number of whisky and lifestyle publications, and frequently judges whiskies as part of various tasting and judging panels.


Martin is a regular attendee at International whisky shows, and his passion for whisky has seen him visit distilleries in Scotland, Japan, Ireland, India, USA, Taiwan and Australia.



來自悉尼的 Martin Eber 是一 位長期威士忌愛好者。現定居 於香港的他與妻子在 2012 年 成立,主 要分享亞洲和澳洲的威士忌景 況,從當時起 Martin 一直舉 辦不同威士忌品鑑會,為多個 不同威士忌及生活品味雜誌撰 稿和踴躍擔任不同品鑑會和評 審團的評審。


Martin 同樣是國際威士忌展 的固定出席成員,從他在蘇格 蘭、日本、愛爾蘭、印度、美 國、台灣和澳洲參觀多個酒 廠,理解他對威士忌的熱愛程 度可見一班。

Whisky amongst the trees

Suntory's two main malt distilleries are conveniently located within easily-reachable distance from the major Cities of Osaka (Yamazaki Distillery) and Tokyo (Hakushu Distillery)...

三得利Suntory兩間最主要麥芽威士忌酒廠都位於頂尖城市易於到達的距離內 —— 山崎鄰近大阪⋯

Nantou Distillery and the “other” Taiwanese whisky 南投酒廠和其他台灣威士忌

Mention Taiwanese whisky these days, and there’s a good chance people will respond with “Oh, you mean Kavalan?”…and it’s not hard to see why. In Just over 11 years, the distillery has won a plethora of awards, and is regularly held up as a poster child of how good ...


The Skill of the Irish: Teeling Whiskey Company 愛爾蘭精妙之作

My first taste of Teeling Irish Whiskey was in 2013, with their “Small Batch” release. Here was a high-malt content blend, non-chill filtered, aged in ex-rum casks and bottled at 46%, all for a very reasonable price (barely more than $300HKD locally). At the time (and still), it was worlds apart from what most  ...

我首次品嚐愛爾蘭Teeling威士忌在2013年,當時這品牌還是小批生產,其威士忌更是混合高濃度麥芽、沒經過冷凝過濾、從舊式冧酒酒桶陳釀和酒精濃度達46度。品牌所有系列都價錢吸引(在本地只是略高港幣300元)。Teeling在當時(現在依然)與其他酒廠和製造商的價格都是大相逕庭 ...

Glenfarclas all in the Family 認識 Glenfarclas 家族珍釀 

After using this column to discuss Indian, Swedish, French, Australian and other “world whiskies”, it’s finally time for an article on Scotch Whisky – and where better to start than Speyside classic Glenfarclas?  Glenfarclas is one of only a few Scottish distilleries to remain family owned since the 1800s ...

介紹過印度、瑞典、法國、澳洲和其他地區威士忌後,這次終於介紹蘇格蘭威士忌,有甚麼地方好得過介紹Speyside經典Glenfarclas?作為少數從19世紀依然僅存的家族酒廠之一,加上受到全世界廣泛應可和讚譽 ...

Whisky amongst the Kangaroos 位於袋鼠群中的威士忌

In the March issue of “Malt & Spirits” I wrote about whisky tourism, and the various options for undertaking such trips around Asia Pacific. Recently I managed to practice this myself, when (on a very brief trip to Australia) I was treated to a private tour of the Joadja Distillery, about 2 hours South West of Sydney in the New South Wales Southern Highlands.

在 Malt & Spirits3 月月刊我曾介紹 威士忌旅遊業和亞太區各種廣泛威士 忌體驗行程。最近我嚐試親自計劃一 個私人旅程在 Joadja 蒸餾廠,其位 置是新南威爾斯南面高地,在悉尼西 南部花 2 小時車程便到達。

The unique beauty of single casks 單桶原酒的獨有美麗

There are many terms to learn when first delving into the worldof whisk(e)y – “single malt”, “blend”, “blended malt”, “grain”, “finishing”, “cask strength” and hundreds more. To discuss all these terms in this article would be impossible, so instead we’ll focus on just one – “single cask”, and the unique and fascinating insights they can give us into a particular distillery.

當首次探索威士忌的世界時就會學習不少詞彙─ 「單一麥芽」、「調和」、「調 和麥芽」、「穀物」、「潤飾」、「桶 裝強度」和 其他百個等等。要在這篇稿 內解釋全部是沒有可能,所有我們不如 只集中在討論「單一酒桶」和探討其獨 有迷人的一面。

French Scotch...? 法式蘇格蘭威士忌?

“Hold on a minute”, you might be thinking. “French Scotch? Isn’t that a contradiction? Doesn’t the term ‘Scotch’ refer to whisky produced and wholly matured in Scotland?” Well yes, it does. There is technically no such thing as “French Scotch”, but if there was, Michel Couvreur would have to come pretty close.


「French Scotch( 法式蘇格蘭威士忌 ) ?」, 這是否很矛盾?你會有「等陣」這個念頭? Scotch 不是指從蘇格蘭完全釀造的威士忌 嗎?這定義是正確。技術層面上是沒有「法 式蘇格蘭威士忌」這回事,但如果有的話, Michel Couvreur 與這定義頗為接近。

Whisky Tourism in Asia 亞洲威士忌旅遊

As the popularity of whisky grows and grows in Hong Kong, more and more people are looking to undertake “whisky tourism” – holidays with the primary purpose of furthering their whisky knowledge, expanding their whisky experiences, or simply enjoying more whisky.

隨著威士忌的受歡迎程度在香港與日俱增,越來越多人更嚮往威士忌旅遊, 即是一個主要擴闊對威士忌認知和見識, 或是純粹享受更多威士忌的假日。

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