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Norse mythology – The Highland Park

高原騎士 - 北歐神話

The highly sought-after Highland Park Valhalla FIRE Edition, which is the last expression of the series, was finally launched in Taiwan. The FIRE Edition is named after Sutr who was once the ruler of Muspelheim in the Norse mythology. The whisky is encased in specially commissioned crimson glass bottle which symbolizes the Kingdom of fire as well as the doom and the reborn of the World in the Viking myth.

The Highland Park Valhalla Collection released its first expression – Thor in 2012, followed by Loki, Freya and Odin respectively in consecutive the years. It was thought that the series ended at this point but then the two new editions evolved - ICE Edition which depicted the the story of Ice Giant Jötunn and the FIRE Edition.

It is not just time and money you have to spend to get the full collection, but also the privilege of accessing to internal subscription in some cases. Some fans are just one bottle away from the full set while a few die-hard fans would try to make it at any expense.


If we ignore anything about marketing and focus in just the quality of the whisky, the FIRE Edition is admittedly the most special one in the series. It is the first expression that was matured in 100% refill Port seasoned casks. The palate is rather soft and sweet when compared to the Bourbon aged ICE Edition. I prefer the latter one personally although it gives no indication to the quality comparison between them.


The enjoyment that a whisky may brought to us is not confined to how delicious or how rare it is, but often the discussion and sharing it provoked as well. The history of each distillery is often worthy to explore.


Certainly, whisky that associated with ancient myths like the Valhalla Collection provides even more aspects for us to appreciate. In that case, the glass of whisky in front of you serves as a linkage which brings you into the story. The flavor doesn’t really matter as long as you could feel the spirit and the enthusiasm in the story.

許多高原騎士鐵粉引頸期盼的Valhalla英靈神殿系列最後一款FIRE Edition終於在臺灣上市,而FIRE Edition是以北歐神話中,統治慕斯貝爾海姆 (Muspelheim) 的火焰巨人蘇爾特爾 (Surtr) 所命名,並且特製深紅色玻璃瓶,象徵維京神話中如滾燙熔岩般炙熱的火焰王國外,也同時演繹北歐神話中世界的毀滅與重生。


北歐神話Valhalla英靈神殿系列先是2012年發行雷神索爾Thor、2013年發行火神洛基Loki、2014年發行愛神芙雷雅Freya、2015年發行眾神之父奧丁Odin,原本以為北歐神話Valhalla英靈神殿系列畫下句點,但任誰也沒想到除了這四位天神之外,還會有寒冰巨人對抗天神,企圖掌控這世界的故事ICE Edition以及北歐神話中世界的毀滅與重生FIRE Edition。



而在這一系列當中,如果我們拋棄行銷與故事,回到品飲的層面來看這六款威士忌時,還是不得不說FIRE Edition是較為特別的,同時也是高原騎士酒廠首度以100%波特桶來做酒款的風味與呈現,在入口風味的表現來說是讓人感受較為輕柔甜美,但如果以整個系列的風味而言,我個人的喜好則是會比較喜愛 ICE Edition 的風味表現,當然不是說哪一瓶比較好或是哪一瓶比較差,而是ICE Edition那波本的香氣表現不得不說真的很棒。