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While most of the artist managers are working behind-the-scene. Paco Wong gains as much spotlights as the artists themselves. The crowd are not only interested in the rising stars that Paco managed, but also the colorful lifestyle that he is living.


Paco is a well-known whisky lover, to him, one of the most important thing in enjoying whisky is the hype that follows and the way to unwind and relax is getting a bit tipsy. He was first forced into drinking when he started the career as an artist manager. “Back then I met Chan Chi-keung in a dinner meeting, he was the true perfect artist manager to me. There was a bottle of Cognac in front of each and every one at the table, no matter how fast or slow you drink, that is the bottle that we have to finished at the dinner, no rock glass, no shooters, straight from the bottle, that was what bottoms up meant to us.”

Back in the 80s, Paco found that, besides Hong Kong, actually the rest of Asia are all fond of Whisky, and so his journey through the world of whisky started. As he nosed his dram, he slowly mentioned, “Growing the practice in drinking whisky with green tea in HK is one thing that I regretted till now, I thought I was smart, starting to mix equal parts of whisky, sweetened and unsweetened green tea. Yet, no truly whisky lover will ruin the drink like that. In the 90s, when he started to sought after whiskies matured to an older age, the green tea mixing practice already became unstoppable, till now, it is still a popular practice in some China regions. So, this is Paco, having the magic in creating a trend in drinking as much as creating stars in HK.


Today, Paco becomes a more sophisticated drinkers, his favourite are those that have spent ages in the cask, fetching 30+ years old whiskies becomes his hobby these days. He drinks Scotch Whisky mostly, whether the classic sherry oak aged or peaty ones. Talking about peaty dram he told a secret: "it was I who brought Japanese whiskies to fame!" In 2008 when a Japanese Whisky won an international prize, Paco strongly promoted this new dimension of the Whisky world. The rest is clear, its popularity is known even by those who don't drink at all!

Paco's career as a manager began in the 1980s. From Sandy Lam to Leo Ku and Fiona Sit, he was behind many artists that Hongkongers love generation over generation. But today many was unhappy that there aren't stars anymore in the city. Paco couldn't help but lament: "the world has really changed:" The Korean showbiz is professional, the mainland market is strong and people think ahead; on the other hand Hong Kong and Taiwan lagged because both were too conservative. He also shifted his focus from promoting singers to taking part in movie. Action movies are his core business. For example he was producer of Paradox, which will hit the screen in August, starring Louis Koo, Tony Jaa and Wu Yue. But wait, Louis Koo for action movie? "That's his first ever fight movie. He'll be directed by Sammo Hung. I do what nobody can believe."

But music is still deep in Paco's heart. He said he wanted to make music movie the most. "At present, The mainland's music is actually TV shows, and people don't sing - they scream for high notes and act exaggeratedly. What I want to do is to bring them music that touches people." If the efforts are successful, he is going to do go good to a huge population.




Paco自80年代開始已從事經理人業務,之後從無間斷,由當年的林憶蓮,至後來的古巨基、薜凱琪等,為香港人捧出一代又一代明星,但到了今天,很多人也抱怨香港沒有明星,連Paco也感嘆「世界不同了」,韓潮專業,大陸市場又強大又走得前,香港和台灣輸在太保守。他也由從前主力捧歌手,變成近年主力搞電影,主力做動作片,例如由他監製、將於8月上畫的《貪狼》,由古天樂、Tony Jaa和吳樾主演。慢著,古仔要打嗎?「這是他第一次拍打鬥戲,還有洪金寶做武術指導。我就是要做無人相信的事。」


Port Charlotte Scottish Barley


Peated to a heavyweight 40ppm, the whisky matures in the Lochside village of Port Charlotte before being bottled with 100% Islay spring water. Nose: Iodine, salty canvas, crushed sea shells, charred oak staves, black pepper. Palate: The smokey sweetness of the barley contrasts beautifully with the marine freshness of the spirit and the richness of toffee and vanilla.


泥煤濃度高達40ppm,這是一款在夏洛特港一個小漁村裡熟成的威士忌,並調和100%艾拉島泉水入瓶。 香氣:碘酒、帶海水味的帆布、壓碎的貝殼、重度烘烤過的橡木,以及黑胡椒。 味道:帶煙燻味的大麥甜香,與海洋的清爽氣息形成漂亮的對比,同時有豐厚的拖肥和雲呢拿味

Octomore Scottish Barley 07.1


Each new Octomore generates a huge amount of anticipation and excitement. This world most heavily peated whisky is peated to 208ppm. It is unique, and can never be reproduced. Nose:  Sea spray and caramel, lemon balm and pipe tobacco. Palate:  Wow! Smoothness, Sweetness, and then smoke.


每當有新一款的Octomore推出,總令威士忌迷興奮又期待。這世界上最重泥煤味的威士忌泥煤濃度達到208ppm,每一款都獨一無二,而且不能複製。 香氣:浪花、焦榶、檸檬脂草和煙斗。 味道:嘩!順滑、甜美,接著就是煙燻味。

Bruichladdich Black Art 5.1


This legendary Black Art comes to the fifth incarnation. Working with the finest American and French oak to explore that most esoteric relationship between spirit and wood. Nose: Little notes of rich, plump, crystallised grapes flirt over heavier notes of honey. Display of lemon and lime when you go deeper. Palate: Mellow and mature with chocolate, coconut, tangerine, papaya and barley sugar.


傳奇的Bruichladdich Black Art來到第五代。以最精選的美國和法國橡木桶陳釀,展現著木桶與威士忌間最深邃的關係。 香氣:在淺淺的潤澤糖漬葡萄香氣之上,是美妙的蜜糖。再深一點地探索,就出現了檸檬和青檸。 味道:醇厚的口感裡是巧克力、椰子、橘子、木瓜和大麥糖果。

Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie


This whisky showcases the classic, unpeated signature style of Bruichladdich. Made from 100% Scottish barley, trickle distilled, then matured entirely on Islay. Nose: Barley sugar, freshly cut wild flower, buttercup, daisy, meadowsweet. Palate: The fruit from distillation drift in on an atlantic breeze.

這威士忌是經典的展現。沒有泥煤味,以100%蘇格蘭大麥製作,古法蒸餾,並全程在艾拉島上熟成。 香氣:大麥糖果、新鮮採下的野花、金鳳花、雛菊和繡線菊。 味道:混和了大西洋海風的果香。

Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2007


With the use of 100% Islay barley, the whisky is muscular, with a rich and robust texture. Nose:  Classic, distinct, Islay aromas enchant the sensory system. Palate: The flavour of this island detonates across the palate


這款威士忌採用100% 艾拉島大麥,令酒有一種硬

線條、豐厚和霸氣的感覺。 香氣:經典而獨特,就是屬於艾拉島的香氣。 味道:艾拉島的味道在舌頭上爆發。