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Founder of “ CRU Tasting” . A member of HKWJA and co-host of radio programme‘ 行酒天下 ’. Raymond has involved in judging panel in several competition, including 2015 & 2016 “Hong Kong Restaurant & Bar” Beer Awards, 2016 “Hong Kong Restaurant & Bar” House Wine Awards and 2016 CWSA. He has completed WSET Advanced Level.


CRU Tasting 創辦人。香港葡 萄酒評審協會成員,香港網台 品酒節目「行酒天下」主持。 Raymond 曾任多個比賽評審, 包括中國環球葡萄酒及烈酒大 獎、香港餐飲展啤酒比賽、杯 裝酒比賽等。他已完成 WSET Advanced Level。

ALE 泡沫興熱情之間

Beer is one of the oldest beverages in the world, and the earliest beer found is probably Ale. The earliest beer dates back to around 6000 BC, and European monasteries began to produce large-scale brewing in the United Kingdom in the seventh century. In Germany and other countries Ale is an indispensable source of nutrition. Ale is a top-fermenting beer. The fermentation temperature is higher and time is shorter compared to Lager. In general they are darker in color and give a more complex and strong taste with richer body and layer. A pleasant nutty and a variety of fruit flavors evolve.If handled well, the Ale gives chocolate and honey on the nose.

啤酒是世上最古老的飲料之一, 而人類最早的啤酒可能就是Ale, 啤酒最早出現在約公元前6000年.  公元七世紀在歐洲修道院中開始呈有規模地釀製.  在英國、德國等國家Ale 成為了人們不可或缺的營養來源.  Ale 是一種上層發酵的啤酒, 相比Lager, 發酵溫度較高, 發酵時間亦較短.   一般顏色較深色, 且帶有更加複雜濃烈的口感, 層次豐富, 酒體較飽滿, 可以形成很好的果仁和多種水果味道.  如果大麥處理得好, 也可以產生朱古力和蜂蜜等香味.

The UK, Football and Beer 英國 . 足球 . 啤酒

As May approaches, the season of major leagues come to an end and it also announces the start of peak season of beer. I love football especially the Leagues in Britain, probably due to the colonial relationship between Hong Kong and the UK.

踏入五月, 又是歐洲各大聯賽的季終, 各聯賽盟主相繼誕生, 同時亦是每年啤酒銷量的旺季開始.  筆者自小就熱愛足球, 由其熱愛英國足球, 大抵是因為香港曾是英國殖民地的關係.

MEAD 蜂蜜酒

Earlier I was invited by friends to try honey drink (Mead). In Hong Kong, honey beer is not popular but in fact it has a long history.


早前應好友邀請品試他新引入的蜂蜜酒  (Mead) . 在香港, 蜂蜜酒並不流行, 但其實蜂蜜酒有著遙遠悠久的歷史.

Taiwan Craft Beer Trip in Lunar New Year 走嚐台灣精釀啤酒

In order to experience the Festive atmosphere outside Hong Kong, I went to Taipei in the Lunar New Year holidays. Sure, it’s normal to have a couple of drinks in the holiday (maybe just an excuse for a drinker). In Taiwan, they call craft-beer "fine brewing beer". There are quite a lot thematic beer bars there. Let me introduce a few of them I have visited:


農曆年假期間到台北跑了一轉, 感受一下香港以外的過年氣氛.  喜慶節日少不免飲兩杯 (其實對於飲家來說, 這只不過是個冠冕堂煌的借口而已).  Craft-beer熱潮席捲全球, 台灣稱為「精釀啤酒」, 有風格特式的精釀啤酒吧也有不少, 介紹幾間這次到訪過的 :

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