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Road to dream


The reason why Match Chan became a mixologist was simply he bombed the high school exam. “My family was so mad that they ordered me to start working. They wouldn’t even make my dinner,” he recalled with laughter. In his search for jobs, he saw a bartender can manage an entire bar and felt it was a cool job, so he tried every means to get a job in the field. It wasn’t smooth, once he was offered a position which was cancelled as the financial tsunami took the hit. But his perseverance eventually earned him a job in a Lan Kwai Fong bar. “At that time there are only foreign bartenders in the area, such as Nepalese or Filipino, I;m proud to have got myself in the circle.”

Working in Lan Kwai Fong means you’ll need to handle “zombie-like customers,” he joked, because they need to get a drink before getting to the dance floor, and that was a genuine training for speed. Later he switched to working in hotels, including major names like The Langham Place, Ozone at Ritz-Carlton, Felix at The Peninsula, and Flint at JW Marriott. At Flint he was able to lead his mixologists to win the Best Bar  Team in Hong Kong, and he has taken part in competitions to become one of Top 25 Bartenders in Hong Kong and Macau (Drink World Asia).

Match had seen these awards as objectives and progressively realized them. Currently he designs drink menu and manage bartender teams in bar group Spirit of Spirit. Next step is to open his own bar: “I have a complete plan. It will be a speakeasy bar, that is those secret liquor serving venues during America’s Prohibition era. I want my bar to look like a barber shop, but past a covert door, customers are served cocktail.”

His particular fondness of The United States in its 1920s not only can be seen in his bar’s design, but also in the mixed drink he presents. Golden Daisy, based on the protagonist in The Great Gatsby, is a sweet and elegant cocktail.

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Golden Daisy


Golden Daisy

45ml beefeater 24 gin

20ml Lemon Juice

5ml St. Germaine elderflower liqueur

15mlCamomile syrup

30ml Apple juice

Edible golden powder

Camomile foam

Garnish: Edible gold flakes




Add all ingredients without edible golden powder and camomile foam with ice into the shaker.

Shake well and strain into glass.

Stir the golden powder into the drink, and put the camomile foam onto the drink. Garnish with edible gold flakes.

進入調酒師這行業,Match Chan笑言全因會考考得差,「當時家人生氣得不讓我吃飯,要我立即開始工作和自立。」結果在餐廳裡,他看見調酒師能自己管理一整個酒吧,感到好型,於是就想盡辦法爭取進入酒吧工作。開始的時候並非一帆風順,當成功獲聘,卻又預上金融海嘯而告吹,不過他的堅持最終令他得到一份在蘭桂坊的酒吧工作,「當時蘭桂坊一帶酒吧只有外國人調酒師,可能來自尼泊爾或菲律賓,我能成功打入這個圈子也感到自豪。」

Match笑言,在蘭桂坊要應付的是「喪屍一樣的客人」,因為客人們要得到飲品才能進場跳舞,因此練到了速度。後來他轉職到酒店,歷任多家大酒店,包括朗豪、麗思卡爾頓Ozone、半島Felix和萬豪Flint等。直至到萬豪,他已能獨當一面地帶領調酒師團隊贏得Best Bar Team in Hong Kong,而他自己也因為積極參加比賽,而成功擠身Top 25 Bartenders in Hong Kong and Macau (Drink World Asia)。

以上這些殊榮,都是Match原本的個人目標,然後成功逐個實現。現在他加入了酒吧集團Spirit of Spirit,做管理和顧問工作。未來他想更上一層樓,開設自己酒吧,「我已有全盤的計劃,希望開一間speakeasy bar,就是美國禁酒期間流行的秘密酒吧。我希望我的酒吧表面是一家理髮店,而經暗門進去,就是可以喝雞尾酒。」

Match對二十年代的美國情有獨鍾,不單想要開一家禁酒令流行期間的酒吧,今次他示範的雞尾酒也以《大亨小傳》的女主角Daisy作藍本,創作出一杯雍容華貴又甜美的Golden Daisy。

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Golden Daisy



45ml beefeater 24 gin

20ml 檸檬汁

5ml St. Germaine elderflower liqueur

15ml 洋甘菊糖漿

30ml 蘋果汁