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Taiwan Craft Beer Trip in Lunar New Year


In order to experience the Festive atmosphere outside Hong Kong, I went to Taipei in the Lunar New Year holidays. Sure, it’s normal to have a couple of drinks in the holiday (maybe just an excuse for a drinker). In Taiwan, they call craft-beer "fine brewing beer". There are quite a lot thematic beer bars there. Let me introduce a few of them I have visited:


Mikkeller Bar

Mikkeller, a well-known craft beer from Denmark. It’s exclusive bar is located in an revitalising street in Datong region. The old-fashioned building is appealing to the passers-by but customers like me was actually attracted by its fame. The interior design is simple and modern, which makes a strong contrast to the outside. It has two floors in which the ground floor being the bar area with 23 taps, including both homemade and guest brand so it is not difficult to choose your favorite. My focus is of course on the Mikkeller's homemade draft (still not yet available in Hong Kong). It is worth mentioning that the bar offers some Taiwan specialty like pineapple shortcakes and pork paper.


Jim & Dad's 

Located in the Yilan County nearby Kavalan Distillery, Jim & Dad’s is not only a brewery but also a restaurant bar with comfortable ambience and beautiful scene. The boss Jim Dad is a food and beer geek himself who has visited and investigated brewers the United States and introduced their operating mode to Taiwan. He set up his own brewery in 2013 and faithfully execute the spirit of craft beer revolution. The restaurant sell its homemade craft beer, many are good in quality. In addition to those regular expressions, there are various seasonal craft beers which are surprisingly good. The brewery is suitable for family visits.


Tasting Room

The tasting room is co-founded by five handsome guys who established Taihu Brewery. It features popular US craft beer and beloved by young generation in Taipei. Good beer, good people, good atmosphere, that’s the reason why people couldn’t avoid loving it.


You are right !  It’s that Starbucks we are all familiar with! The cafe is located at eastern part of the city. Following the first Starbucks cafe in Tokyo which started offering alcoholic drinks last year, this cafe officially added wine, sparkling and craft beer from January 14, 2017 on its drink list. The beers are specially supplied by Taihu Brewery. The Guatemala Holiday Coffee Stout is my favourite which is most profoundly in aroma. I would recommend to all people who are going to Taipei.


Zhangmen Beer is another excellent choice for every beer lover. The time when you see this article, Zhangmen should have opened its first branch in Hong Kong. I am eager to share with you their fantastic beers.



農曆年假期間到台北跑了一轉, 感受一下香港以外的過年氣氛.  喜慶節日少不免飲兩杯 (其實對於飲家來說, 這只不過是個冠冕堂煌的借口而已).  Craft-beer熱潮席捲全球, 台灣稱為「精釀啤酒」, 有風格特式的精釀啤酒吧也有不少, 介紹幾間這次到訪過的 :




來自丹麥的知名精釀啤酒 Mikkeller相信對啤酒狂迷來講絕不會陌生.  其專門酒吧位於大同區一條活化的大街上, 古式建築設計的老宅外牆首先吸引途人的目光, 到訪的客人如我當然是慕 Mikkeller 之名而來, 酒吧內設計簡約現代化, 形成內外新舊強烈的對比, , 酒吧分為兩層, 地面為點酒區, 設有23個 taps, 自家製及guest 的也有, 口味款式齊全, 不難選到你杯酒. 不過我的焦點當然是落在 Mikkeller 的 draft 上 (因為香港暫時還未有).  值得一提是酒吧內有台灣特產鳳梨穌及豬肉紙等伴酒小吃提供. 




位於宜蘭縣金車噶瑪蘭威士忌酒廠附近, 既是酒廠亦是餐廳酒吧, 環境舒適優美, 設有六樓觀景台, 可飽覽蘭陽的美景.  吉姆老爹是個喜歡品酒而且懂酒的老饕, 曾到訪美國加州參考許多啤酒廠與販賣商的運作模式, 從而引進到台灣, 於2013年成立自家的啤酒工場, 貫切推行精釀啤酒革命.  餐廳內銷售自家釀造啤酒, 款式多而且品質高, 除固定酒款外, 亦有很多因應不同季節而釀造的季節性酒款, 頗令人喜出望外, 適合家庭參觀.




由臺虎精釀所創立的精釀啤酒體驗室, 相信不少香港酒粉也有去過, 由五位年青的帥老闆創立, 主打美國極受歡迎的精釀啤酒, 在台北深受年青一代喜愛, 酒好, 人好, 氣氛好就是其受歡迎之主要原因.




無錯,的確係我們熟悉的星巴克 Starbucks !  位於台北東區的星巴克龍門門市, 繼日本星巴克去年率先在東京部分門市開賣酒品後, 於2017年1月4日正式開始供應紅白葡萄酒、氣泡酒及精釀啤酒, 加上多種輕食餐點,讓咖啡室搖身一變成「小酒吧」.  其供應的啤酒由臺虎精釀度身打造, 絕對係有品味有啅頭, 不知是否星巴克的關係, 其“瓜地馬拉節慶司陶特” (Guatemala Holiday Coffee Stout) 的咖啡味特別濃香.  到台北玩的朋友一定要試下.


當然還有非常出色的掌門精釀啤酒.  本期出街之時, 其台灣以外的首家分店  -  掌門精釀啤酒香港店已正式開業, 熱切期待和大家分享其高質的啤酒及其開幕的喜悅.