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The fast moving craft beer market in Singapore


I have a good impression on Singapore - there is no cold winter, the city is simple and modern, language of communication is convenient that Cantonese, English, and even Mandarin works. There is no obvious race discrimination comparing to most of Western countries. As for the craft beer, it is more popular than in Hong Kong despite it started later. In Singapore it is easy to find craft beer, even in some interesting places you’ve never imagaine - Cooked Food Centre for example! Located in ‘Chinatown Complex’, Smith Street Taps is a hot spot for craft beer geeks to gather.


Following the Smith Street Taps in the Cooked Food Center, there is another new taproom opened in the lobby of the shopping mall ‘Capitol Piazza’. Next to MRT City Hall, Capitol Piazza is a hub of shopping, restaurants and entertainment. The Tap Craft Beer Bar is quite trendy, which comprise 15 big brands, and it is cozy to drink there as the environment is spacy and comfortable.


Another driving force for the craft beer market is the tolerance of consumers. Craft beer and commercial beer should not oppose each other. Singaporean are proud of their big brand ‘Tiger Beer’, and commercial beers are also welcomed by various Craft Beer Festival. In contrast, the craft beer industry in Hong Kong often choose to fight against their commercial beer counterparts and even look down on them. In fact, commercial beer is a sort of capital. In some occasions, their participation will definitely draw more attention so that more people get to know craft beer.


There are people in local industry who put huge efforts in the revolution that rename ‘手工啤’ as ‘精釀啤酒’. There are other places where Chinese people called craft beer as 精釀啤酒, but in such a young market with less than 1% of market share, I don’t think it makes any sense in making extra effort in the translation. Beckham is 碧咸 in Hong Kong and 貝克漢姆 in Mainland. So what. No one is benefited with a change of translation.


Hong Kong is definitely advantageous over its competitors. What ‘Made in Hong Kong’ needs is effective brand building and promotion. I believe we can make breakthrough!



本身對新加坡這地方的印象都相當不錯,沒有寒冷的冬天,城市規劃既簡單又現代化,語言溝通也很方便,說廣東話、普通話、英文也可以,相比很多西方國家,這裡沒有明顯的種族歧視,我覺得這是一個很和諧的小國家。至於手工啤酒,起步比香港遲,但流行的程度我覺得已經超越香港,因為在新加坡你不難找到手工啤酒吧,而且還可以在一些有趣的地方內找到,例如熟食中心,無錯!是熟食中心!位於Chinatown內的Smith Street Taps,正正座落於一座名為Chinatown Complex的熟食中心之內,未來過的朋友真的很難相像熟食中心有得喝手工啤酒,而且Smith Street Taps更是推動新加坡手工啤酒的先驅,非常有名的一個地方,所有新加坡的手工啤酒狂熱分子都喜歡聚在這裡喝啤酒,談天說地。


繼熟食中心內的Smith Street Taps後,在大型商場Capitol Piazza內的中庭也來間開放式的taproom,位於MRT City Hall站旁的Capitol Piazza是一個潮人聚集之地,雜購物、飲食、娛樂於一身,Tap Craft Beer Bar也相當「潮」,酒吧內共有15個啤酒龍頭,大家可以圍着吧頭就坐,商場中央樓底高,所以又無壓迫感,十分開揚,感覺很舒服寫意。

另一使新加坡手工啤酒業進步神速的原因是他們人民包容的心態,手工啤酒和商業啤酒不應該是對立,會飲手工啤酒的不等於他不會喝商業啤酒,在新加坡,每位新加坡人都為Tiger Beer而驕傲,當地的啤酒節不會單單只有手工啤酒,商業啤酒也有機會和手工啤酒同場,反觀香港,不小手工啤酒的業界同行往往選擇要與商業啤酒對抗的心態,更有一部份「自我感覺良好」的看不起商業啤酒,其實商業啤酒有的是資源,有些場合如有他們參與反而會令更多人認識手工啤酒。


另一想分享的是香港的業界有一段時間浪費了不少精力想把手工啤酒這名字改為精釀啤酒,對!除香港外,其他有華人的地方都叫Craft Beer為精釀啤酒,但當一個市場還未打檼陣腳,市場佔有率不到1%,很多人還未懂什麼是Craft Beer時,那個翻譯的名字是否那麼重要,香港人把英國球星Beckham譯為碧咸,而國內譯的是貝克漢姆,那又怎樣,把焦點放在這裡對市場有幫助嗎?


但其實香港也有優勝之處,香港有很多「香港釀造」的啤酒品牌,如有效地作出推廣,做好Brand Building(品牌建設),衝出香港!也可有一番作為!