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Return To The Old English Era—Whisky@Stables

重返英式時代  馬堡閣

It is not easy to look for a cozy space for enjoying whisky in the hustle and bustle of this city. As a firm lover of spirit, you might love to explore some undiscovered spots for unexpected surprises.


The Victorian-styled bar Whisky@Stables nestles at Hullett House, the one and only whisky bar inside a historical stable attic. After walking up the podium and sneaking through the leftmost corridor of the hotel, you would be amazed by this whisky paradise in a moment.


Stepping into the bar is just like entering a time tunnel and going back to the colonial era. The classic and elegant English decoration is amplified by a fine selection of vintage furnishings sourced from England: salvaged wooden panelling, intrinsically luxurious handmade Chesterfield leather sofa as well as distinctive bronze light fixtures and chandeliers, which recall the glorious old days.


The whisky menu ranges from multiple traditional Scotch whiskies to sophisticated bottles from the US, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan and India, offering enthusiasts a one-off access to a vast variety of flavours. Besides, Whisky@Stables boasts around 20 whiskies from small batch independent bottlers, which are meticulously blended to create a one-of-a-kind experience for whisky appreciation. This intimate bar is quiet and comfortable, serving as the perfect place to enjoy whiskies and tasty snacks with buddies, and stay away from the bustling life temporarily.




位於Hullett House的Whisky@Stables馬堡閣,是城中唯一由前馬廄改建及重新裝修而成的威士忌吧,散發著濃郁維多利亞時代格調。先走上平台然後走進酒店的最左端的走廊,然後花少許時間便能尋找這品威人士的世外桃源。




威士忌品種除了包括多款傳統的蘇格蘭威士忌外,還引進美國、瑞典、日本、台灣及印度等地的精緻威士忌,品威人士可以輕易品嚐不同風味佳釀。此外馬堡閣更設有約二十款獨立入樽商品牌 (Independent Bottler)的產品,由於它們味道經過酒廠悉心調配後釀出與大眾威士忌品牌不一樣的風味,擴闊品威人士尋求獨特味道的選擇。酒吧的氛圍寧靜舒適,最適合與三五知己把酒談心,點選特色小吃和佳釀共享,一起暫時忘記煩囂都市節奏。

Laphroaig 10 with Chocolate Dipped Bacon


泥煤風味濃郁的Laphroaig擁有深刻的煙燻和壯厚橡木味;輕柔的雲呢拿甜味交織著鹽香和碘,其獨特味道與鹹中帶甜的Chocolate Dipped Bacon十分配合,特別是兩者的煙燻味。

 The strongly peaty Laphoaig embodies a masculine smoky and remarkable oaky flavour;a hint of vanilla sweetness intertwines with savoury and iodine complexity, which is well matched with the salty and sweet Chocolate Dipped Bacon— especially both of their smokiness.


 Auchentoshan Virgin Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Lowland Scotland) with S’mores —

Shortbread, Chocolate, Marshmallow



 This Auchentoshan whisky comprises opulent characteristics of freshness, spiciness, wood and sweetness. The distinct baking notes is well-suited with the crunchy shortbread. The marshmallow is very accompany with the notes of marshmellow, honey and the creamy texture.