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Zavva Shots

How to blend various stuffs together harmoniously, in fact, is more important than you imagine. It applies to our society, and to cocktails as well.


Since the establishment of Malt&Spirits, we have uncountable exposure to cocktails – we have visited many cocktail bars; witnessed the birth of champion in major bartending competitions; and even conducted interviews with world-class bartenders in person. What really touched me is not only the surprise given by those bold cocktails, but the extraordinary minds and passion behind which give birth to all those creations.


I received a surprising package just few days ago with anonymous sender. It came up with a full range of six exquisite “pre-packaged” cocktails! In each of the six “pre-packaged”cocktails, there are two distinct liqueur which I have to blend them together by myself before serving. This sort of packaging is an excellent design not only because of the assurance of fresh flavors, but also allowing consumers to participate in the making process, which further provokes their interest in cocktail!


Of the six flavors, my favorite is “Aztec Lime”, which is the perfect combination of a tequila and a lime liqueur. It’s a perfect tangy and sweet mixture in Mexican style, fresh and stimulating taste buds. Fact checked, Zavva Shots was founded by an Italian Gabriella Zavatti, who live in Hong Kong. With her passion in cocktails, she traveled around the world to discover new aromas, tastes and colors, and finally founded ZAVVA in 2011. With the ethos suggested by the brand, each flavor is believed to ignite our infectious curiosity for adventure. More importantly, Gabriella is definitely beautiful woman, which adds to her competence in connecting people.

如何將不同的材料和諧地調合在一起,其實比想像中重 要。社會如此,雞尾酒亦然。


自 Malt&Spirits 創刊,半年來可說是眼界大開——親身到 訪過不少雞尾酒酒吧;見證了各大品牌的調酒比賽的冠軍 誕生;訪問過世界級的調酒師。當中最有感受的,不是那 些外表新奇、味道充滿驚喜的創意之作,而是作品背後的 那些非凡的頭腦、大膽的實踐,更重要的是他們對雞尾酒 的熱情、專注和堅持。


最近收到了一件包裹,寄件者是不認識的名字。大膽地拆 開,竟有意外驚喜——那是一系列精美的預先包裝雞尾 酒!說是預先包裝並不準確,因為每一款都包含兩種尚未 混調的利口酒,要我親自扮演調酒師,將它們混合起來! 這種包裝法可說一舉兩得,既免除了預先包裝不新鮮的缺 點,同時讓消費者參與調酒過程,引導他們對 Cocktail 更 深入的了解!


6 種口味當中我最喜愛的是「Aztec Lime」,那是龍舌 蘭酒 x 青檸利口酒,活潑的墨西哥風情,清新又刺激味 蕾的完美組合。翻查資料,原是這系列雞尾酒 ZAVVA Shots 的創辦這是一位在香港長大的意大利人 Gabriella Zavatti。憑藉對雞尾酒的熱愛,她走遍世界各地不同角 落,旅程中尋找出各種香氣、味道和顏色,終於在 2011 年創辦 ZAVVA,一個細小但擁有獨特風格的品牌,旗下 每種口味都能激發人們對旅遊的意欲,牽起我們的冒險精 神和好奇心,最重要的是 Gabriella 本人是一位美女,要 Connect 人心當然容易得多。